Fibre broadband packages from an established mobile phone and broadband provider

  • Fibre broadband averaging 63Mb available
  • Range of call packages available
  • Free AC-rated wireless router with advanced features
  • Guaranteed minimum fibre speeds or money off

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Vodafone Superfast 1
£21.00 per month
18 month contract

No upfront cost

  • Guaranteed 25Mb minimum speed or money off!
  • 35Mb average download speed
  • 9Mb average upload speed!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • Vodafone Connect Wireless Router
  • Only pay for the calls you use
  • No activation fee
  • 18 month contract

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Vodafone Superfast 2
£25.00 per month
18 month contract

No upfront cost

  • Guaranteed 55Mb minimum speed or money off!
  • 63Mb average download speed
  • 18Mb average upload speed!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • Vodafone Connect Wireless Router
  • Only pay for the calls you use
  • No activation fee
  • 18 month contract

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Reasons to choose Vodafone Broadband

  • Excellent value fibre - Vodafone's fibre packages are priced very competitively against the other big name broadband providers
  • Cutting-edge router - the bundled Vodafone Connect router supports fast 802.11ac networking, plus cutting-edge technologies for speedier downloading
  • No usage caps - there are no restrictions on the amount you can download
  • Innovative smartphone control - with the Vodafone Connect app you can control the router via your iPhone or Android phone
  • Minimum speed guarantee - if your fibre speed is lower than 25Mb for Superfast 1 or lower than 55Mb for Superfast 2, you'll pay even less

Possible downsides

  • Long contracts - all Vodafone Broadband packages require an 18-month contract
  • No TV bundles - it isn't currently possible to get TV services with your Vodafone broadband
  • Fibre-only - if you're after cheaper phoneline broadband then you'll have to look elsewhere

Features at a glance

  • Average fibre optic download speeds of 35Mb or 63Mb and guaranteed minimum speeds as of 25Mb and 55Mb or money off

  • 18 month contracts on all deals

  • Unlimited broadband usage

  • No upfront costs unless installing a new line

  • Support service available 24/7 via forums, and between 8am and 11pm on the phone, 7 days a week

  • 6 months free F-Secure anti-virus software

  • Free AC-rated wireless routers with all deals

  • Line rental required on all deals, no inclusive calls as standard, Evening and Weekend or Anytime calls available at extra cost

2.8 stars
  satisfaction rating based on 2748 customer ratings since 2018-02-21. See more Vodafone customer ratings and reviews.

Details last checked on 2019-02-05

Customer Reviews

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving. Below are all the reviews we've received for Vodafone.

Customer Ratings Summary

  • Satisfaction
    2.8 stars
  • Customer Service
    3 stars
  • Speed
    2.6 stars
  • Reliability
    2.7 stars

Based on 2748 customer ratings since 2018-02-21

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Ratings are left by users of our speed test as well as by reviewers. Recent star ratings summarise the last 12 months of ratings or the last 100 placed, whichever is largest.

Reviewer Location Reviewing Date Ratings
Absolutely crap , swapped from the post office and can't wait to leave , spend most of my time on 4g because the internet is slow and drops out . Never had a full day of constant connection and when you ring up you get robbed off . Would not recommended to anyone
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
West yorks Vodafone  
Well... where do I start with this review? Anyone who reads this should know that I went into this whole processes optimistic as myself I had read countless reviews online, not only that my brother had recently switched to Vodafone an is extremely knowledgeable like myself in IT, Networking and broadband in general.

Okay, so placed an order to transfer broadband and Home phone line from SKY to Vodafone as I live extremely far from sky’s exchange, plus the price I was paying for sky was horrendous for what I was getting. Placed the order on the 30/1/19 ( I will use dates as a time reference for how long and how **** this entire thing was ). Okay so 30/1/19 order placed for Superfast 2 package, was emailed confirmation of order and was told my router would arrive 3 days before activation (11/2/19) with activation on the 14/2/19. I was fine with that I knew the time frame to switch suppliers. Had a letter from sky confirming my switch off date was the morning of the 14/2/19, at this point I was fairly comfortable not a lot had gone wrong.. 4 days after placing my order I received a random phonecall from an unknown overseaas number claiming to be Vodafone it was in fact them however I called there U.K. number to be certain. Got informed there was a problem with my order and I had to re do the order that was fine with me not a problem re ordered and was told I’d receive a 2nd router and now a different activation date. Got a new order confirmation email so all seemed Fine. Found it weird I had no update text/ email to say about how my order was processing and at what stage it was at which usually suppliers do, I did however recieve a router on the 11/2/19 at this point I’m pretty certain my activation date could still be on the 14/2/19 so I stay optimistic that everything will be okay. Morning of the 14/2/19 Sky shut off my Broadband and my Phone line so I am without internet I plug in new router that I received and hoped that it would work, left it an hour and no phone line and no broadband
Still after a full Setup, and multiple restarts. So I ring and am informed that apparently there was a problem with my Order AGAIN apparently SKY refused to give my original number across to Vodafone, so rang sky and the guy there said nope we transferred your number across so at this point I’m mind blown Vodafone saying sky can’t
Send my number across and Sky saying they have sent it across and it’s with the new supplier - they can’t get it back I asked because at this point I knew exactly where this was going. So after numerous phone calls hours long at least everytime I found out that 6 Orders were placed as they tried multiple times but Sky “apparently” refused to give my number across, I worked it out why myself because no would tell me my number is now lost probably forever unless Openreach can get it back. So I Now was told at this point I will be without internet and a home phone for 10-14 working days because of this, with no possible way of getting a broadband package any quicker, even if I was to sign up elsewhere on another provider that’s the standard time for it to process and get changed at the exchange.I was thinking of cancelling the whole thing and signing back up to sky or another provider because of this complete ****
Up on Vodafone’s end however because of
The fact it took this long I managed to work
A free complete new line as well as a temporary Mifi dongle for 30 days free of charge plus 3 months free broadband
Come Activation date. Doesn’t help this company are a complete shambles and there customer service
Team have absolutely no idea what happens through the process of changing providers. It’s diffiuclt to explain things to them without sounding like a 5 year old, I had to contact a manager high up in order to get this stuff sorted, so I suggest anyone with similar problems
To myself get in touch with a authority figure within Vodafone or you will pull your hair Out waiting on hold for hours and with the level Of stupidity of some of there employees.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    5 stars
  • Reliability
    1 star
Essex Vodafone  
Do not go for Vodafone Fibre Broadband.
Speed: Internet speed on 35 Mbps has intermittent speed of uptown 8 Mbps or lower. Forget about downloading videos. struggles with downloads of photos on web pages.
During peak times even browsing on web sites is extremely painful and slow!
Wifi: works on 1st floor in a house as router on 1st floor. Does not have sufficient range to work in Living room and kitchen on ground floor.
Customer Service: complaints are closed off by Vodafone without fixing issues (intermittent internet and speed) identified to them.
What good is Money off (15 % discount until problem not resolved) if your internet is not working??
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Beaconsfield Vodafone  
nowhere near the speed guaranteed customer service a waste of time just fobbed off with bull**** excuses can't wait to run contract out and change
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    2 stars
  • Reliability
    2 stars
silloth Vodafone  
Vodafone is worse broadband please don’t
Use Vodafone broadband
My Vodafone after joining work 5 days only
Now breakdown they give engineers appointment
After 10 days
Vodafone people said we can’t any help
You have wait 10 days without internet
Sky is much better
Maidenhead Vodafone  
Worst broadband I have ever had. Continuously dropping out,failing to load pages and less cover arond my house. Gaving read other reviews I beleive it may be a problem with the Vodafone routers. I am now returning to my previous supplier, who though offer lower speeds, were significantly faster and worked all the time. Sort it out Vodafone...
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    2 stars
  • Reliability
    1 star
Bristol Vodafone  
Think carefully before using this company. Yes they’re cheap, but Customer Service is overseas and unfortunately abysmal. Mostly polite, but completely ineffective even with the basics. My rating is actually ZERO stars.
My girlfriend recommended Vodafone. She has been with them a year without issue. So there are some success stories. Mine isn’t one of them.
To try to keep it simple -
5/1 Signed up online and chose an installation date and time - 21/1/19 am. Provided instructions for the BT engineer to obtain access (through next door neighbour)
8/1 Vodafone customer service telephoned to say they couldn’t honour that appointment and abruptly tried to force an inconvenient one onto me - 23/1/19 pm I refused to accept it, and said I was at work with a client and couldn’t discuss the matter at that time. She said someone would call me back.
8/1 Nobody called but I received numerous emails confirming the date I had refused.
9/1 I telephoned and rearranged the date - 24/1/19 am. I received no email confirmation but instead continued to receive emails confirming the other date.
16/1 Router arrived.
18/1 Second router arrived!
19/1 I was concerned so telephoned. I was advised not to worry and that my appointment was still arranged for 24/1. I was sent a text confirming this. I was advised to keep the second router as a spare.
24/1 Appointment date but no engineer arrived.
24/1 Email received informing me that broadband couldn’t be activated and I would receive a call.
26/1 Call received from Vodafone. Apparently the engineer couldn’t gain access. They had not been advised to go to my next door neighbour, nor had been provided with my accurate telephone number. Date rescheduled for 6/2/19 am. I reiterated the access instructions and confirmed my neighbours address. I received a text confirming the revised date.
By now I’m feeling absolutely exasperated but allow them one final chance.
6/2 NO ENGINEER!! I telephoned to be informed there was no record of the 6th and installation was actually down to be the 11th! I mentioned that I had on my phone a text from Vodafone clearly stating the 6th. Customer Services said they had absolutely no record of this.
AT THAT POINT I GAVE UP and cancelled on the spot. They politely accepted my cancellation. No efforts to apologise or explain their total incompetence.
I am now the proud owner of two useless Vodafone routers and wondering if I might still actually receive a visit from an engineer on the 11th. Really wouldn’t surprise me.
I just wonder how it’s possible to mess up so badly, and then actually (politely) imply each time that it’s the customer’s fault? By the way, Vodafone DON’T pay compensation for missed appointments.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Manchester Vodafone  
What a mistake to move to Vodafone!
Phone and broadband transferred last Thursday 31st Jan. Worked for 2 hours then broadband stopped working and hasn't worked since.
I've spent hours on the phone to support to no avail. Just installed a new router that hasn't made any difference. To top it all they lost my phone number when migrating the service.
This has to be my worst customer experience ever.
I was attracted by the cost but now seriously regret my choice. I have no confidence my broadband will be working in the near term and I've lost the phone number for good.
I would encourage anyone thinking of moving to Vodafone to think again. Whilst you might save a few £s the hassle if it goes wrong will cost much more.
A seriously unhappy customer!
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Chorley Vodafone  
Ok to start of this review the first 2 months not much of an issue. Then the internet started to cut out every now and again we have an old line we’re we live so not that upset phone up to see if we can get some help it takes 7 times to even get through to someone they can’t help us apparently then 2 days later internet just cuts out for no reason phone up another 3 times to be told that only the account holder can make a complaint and when they did sent an engineer out who didn’t even arrive so had to reschedule for him to come and say he’s fixed it. It lasted 5 minutes before it cut out again are you serious! Been a week and a half with no internet they sent a new router still no change at all I have to use the internet for my work and I’m screwed without it. To sum it up if you like a house without and terrible customer service then vodofone is for you
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Winchester Vodafone  
I am impressed with the broadband speed with Vodaphone and have found it much quicker to download a page on the internet compared to Sky.
I had a small technical problem and found the Vodaphone technical support to be excellent. They answered the call quickly and showed top notch problem solving skills in diagnosing the problem and fixing the issue. I would recommend Vodaphone as a broadband provider.
  • Satisfaction
    4 stars
  • Customer Service
    5 stars
  • Speed
    4 stars
  • Reliability
    5 stars
London Vodafone  


The reviews published on this page are those of the individual authors who have warrantied that they abide by our review guidelines. Reviews are not the opinion of Broadband.co.uk.

Stay safe online

PC Security: 5 things you need to do to stay safe online

Posted on 2018-11-29 13:52 in Features Sky Plusnet Virgin Media Vodafone BT NOW Broadband John Lewis EE TalkTalk

As we spend more and more of our lives online - managing our money and doing our shopping - we're more likely to encounter problems. Viruses, scams and other cyber-crimes are continuing to become more common. So what's the best way to stay safe online? Let's take a look.

1. Install anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is a must if you use Windows (less so for Macs, Chromebooks, phone and tablets). It doesn't just protect you against viruses you can get though email attachments or dodgy downloads; it protects against all malware - any software designed with malicious intent. This includes nasties like spyware that steals your passwords, and ransomware, which locks down your computer unless you pay up.

Free anti-virus software from your broadband provider

A lot of the best broadband providers give you a free, or cheap, anti-virus subscription as part of their deal. If yours is on this list, make sure you take them up on the offer:

  • BT: with BT you get the McAfee powered BT virus Protect. You can install it on two or up to 15 machines, depending on your package. You also get Web Protect, which checks websites you visit are safe, and True Key, a secure password manager you can install on five devices.
  • EE: EE Home Broadband gives you a year's subscription to Norton Security Premium for up to 10 devices. After that it costs £39.99 a year, half the normal price.
  • Plusnet: Plusnet Protect, from McAfee, is free for Unlimited and Unlimited Fibre Extra customers. On the standard Unlimited Fibre deal you'll need to pay an extra £2 a month for your virus protection. You can install it on up to seven PCs.
  • Sky Broadband: on one of Sky's Unlimited deals you get a 12 month free trial of the McAfee Internet Security suite for up to three PCs. On the limited packages you get three months. Once the trial is up you can keep it going for £3 extra a month.
  • TalkTalk: with TalkTalk you get HomeSafe, an award winning online security package. This combines some virus protection and parental controls. It isn't a full anti-virus tool, though.
  • Virgin Media: Virgin Media Security is worth £39.95 a year, but is free to all Virgin Media broadband customers. It gives you full anti-virus coverage for up to three PCs.
  • Vodafone: with Vodafone you get a free six month sub to F Secure SAFE anti-virus package for up to five devices. After that, you can subscribe for £39.99 a year - half the normal price.
  • NOW Broadband: with NOW you get the Broadband Buddy service. This helps to protect you against malware-infected sites, but isn't a full anti-virus package.
  • John Lewis Broadband: John Lewis offers a full subscription to the Bullguard security package for Windows users.

If your supplier isn't on the list, there's loads of free anti-virus tools you can get instead. Bitdefender and Avast are among the most highly rated.

Malware isn't just a concern for those who browse the murkier reaches of the internet. Perfectly benign, mainstream websites can become compromised, and even ads can be crafted to try and do bad things without you even needing to click on them.

2. Keep your software updated

It's so tempting to turn off automatic software updates. They always pop up at the worst possible time, and if it happens to be a Windows update you can write off the next half hour waiting for it to finish.

Except, software updates are really important. Especially the Windows ones.

They don't just bring new features or improved performance, they make your computer more secure. Bugs in software can create the kind of security risks that malware thrives upon. Not only do they allow the malware into your system, they can also enable it to spread from one machine to another.

Updates shut down these vulnerabilities. At the very least, don't turn off updates to Windows or your web browser, such as Google Chrome. Better still, allow all your apps to update as they need to.

3. Learn how to recognise online scams

Malware is designed to exploit weaknesses in computer systems, but the truth is the weakest points of all are us, the users. You can lock down your laptop but it won't stop someone trying to trick you into handing over your passwords.

Phishing scams, as they're called, have moved on a lot since the days of the Nigerian prince who wanted to send you tens of millions of dollars. They're now a whole lot more sophisticated and difficult to spot. And it isn't just online that you need to be wary. You might get a text message purporting to be from your mobile network, or you could get a scam call from your broadband provider.

So, how do you spot scams? Here's a few tips:

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes in emails are a dead giveaway. Also, does the email greet you by name or a generic title?
  • Beware of emails demanding urgent action. Scammers try to scare you into responding, like telling you there's been a security alert on your account, or you're overdrawn, and you must log in to fix it.
  • Be wary of links in emails. Don't assume that the link is going to take you where you think it will.
  • Or just don't click links at all. Instead of clicking a link to one of your online services, manually type their address into your browser instead. Or pick up the phone and give them a call.
  • If it sounds suspicious, it probably is. If you didn't buy a lottery ticket, you didn't win the lottery.
  • Don't assume a fancy website means that a site is reputable. This is a rule to follow when shopping online, too.

Anti-virus software and web browsers will help you to sniff out phishing scams. What better reason to keep them up to date?

4. Use better passwords

We all know the importance of using strong passwords and not re-using them. But it can be difficult, since strong passwords are so much harder to remember. There are three things to try to make your life easier:

  1. Think in terms of passphrases instead of passwords. A sentence of eight random words is easier to remember - and type - than a password of eight random characters, but it's just as hard to crack.
  2. Consider using a password manager. Don't save your passwords in your web browser, use a dedicated password manager instead. This saves all your logins under a single, more secure password. With BT Broadband, the True Key offers exactly this feature and is worth trying out. Alternatively, take a look at LastPass or 1Password, both of which are free.
  3. Use two factor authentication. A large and growing number of services offer two factor authentication. When you log in you need to enter both your password and a second, unique code sent to your phone via an app or text message. It's a lot more secure.

5. Keep an eye on your privacy

Finally, keep an eye on how much information you're sharing online. If you use social networks you're probably sharing a lot more than you realise. Check the Privacy section in Facebook and other services to lock them down, and make sure your kids do this, too.

And speaking of kids, most broadband providers offer some form of parental controls that you can use to manage what people can see, or how long they can go online. These are worth setting up, but remember that they are by no means foolproof.


Sky Q Hub

Why getting a new router can speed up your broadband

Posted on 2016-11-22 11:35 in News Features Virgin Media Origin TalkTalk Zen EE Vodafone Plusnet Sky BT

If you find broadband speeds confusing, you're not alone. What speed broadband providers advertise and what you actually get are rarely the same thing. The ASA has recently announced that it will be taking steps next year to bring clarity to the entire issue.

But that's a way off. In the meantime there are steps you can take to ensure you achieve speeds closer to what you were expecting.

You may not know that your Wi-Fi router can have a massive impact on the internet speeds you get throughout your home. Since the provider supplies the router we tend to assume that they're automatically good enough. But that isn't always true - sometimes they're old or slow, and not capable of handling a superfast broadband connection.

In these cases, upgrading to a more powerful router can help speed up your broadband dramatically.

How a new Wi-Fi router can help

Let's start with the technical bit.

The performance of a router is determined by the wireless standard that it uses. The best modern routers use the latest standard, called 802.11ac. It's the fastest available, and it runs on the 5GHz band which is clean and interference free.

802.11ac superceded the 802.11n standard. This is much slower - perhaps half or even a third of the speed - and it commonly runs on the 2.4GHz band which is much more prone to interference from other electrical devices in your home. As a result, the signal is not just slower but it gets much weaker the further it travels.

The router as a bottleneck

Many broadband providers supply an N-rated router with their packages, and it may not be up to the job. Tests show that 802.11n routers have a real world top speed of 50-100Mb, at close range. At a distance of 20 metres, and with a few obstacles like walls and floors in the way, that speed can be slashed in half - or worse.

So, if you've got a high-end fibre package and are getting speeds of 50Mb or more, then an N-rated router simply won't cut it. Your broadband is faster than your router, and the router becomes a bottleneck. Even on an entry-level fibre deal, with speeds of 25Mb, you'll be pushing it. You might find you get good speeds downstairs, but that they fall off sharply in the bedrooms.

In both cases, upgrading to an AC-rated router is likely to give you a major speed boost. The exception is standard broadband. Here, the speeds top out at 16Mb, and in practice are usually somewhat slower. An N-rated router should be able to handle this.

An easy way to check if you're affected is to use our free Speed Test tool. Stand next to your router and run the test on your laptop. Then head to the furthest corner of your house and run it again. If there's a major discrepancy in your results then it could be a sign that you need to upgrade your router. (Or it could mean you need to find a better position for your router.)

Do you need a new router?

You can see why a slow router can mean you don't get the broadband speeds you were expecting. So do you need to upgrade?

When you're shopping for broadband deals, all our comparison tables have icons to show what kind of router you're getting. Click the More Info button to see whether there's an option to upgrade to a better router when you sign up.

What router do you get?

  • Many of the major providers now supply AC-rated routers with all their packages. This includes TalkTalk, Vodafone and Virgin, while Sky also provides the new Sky Q Hub if you are a TV customer.
  • BT, Plusnet and EE supply 802.11ac routers with their fibre packages, and N-rated routers with standard broadband. BT offers a paid upgrade for standard broadband customers, but the other two don't.
  • Origin customers get an N-rated router, and need to pay at checkout to upgrade to a faster AC-rated unit.

If you've been with a provider for some time it's possible you're still using an older N-rated router and aren't getting the fastest possible speeds from your broadband. In this case it's worth checking with the provider to see if they'll swap your router for a newer model for free. Some may give you one in exchange for you signing a new contract. Just make sure you know exactly what you're getting, and that you aren't charged or placed on a new contract without knowing.

Lastly, a handful of providers, including Plusnet, Zen and Origin, allow you to use own router, so you can shop around and check independent reviews to get the best model for your needs.

The router is a frequently overlooked part of the broadband service. It's natural to assume that broadband problems are the fault of the provider, but the reality is that if your router is too slow you can easily be cutting your internet speed in half without even realising.

Give your router a quick check now to see if you would benefit from an upgrade.


Vodafone Buyers Guide

Can I get Vodafone Broadband?

Vodafone uses the Openreach network to provide fibre broadband to customers.

The good news is that if you're in a fibre-enabled area, then you should be able get a broadband package from Vodafone.

Use our postcode checker to see if Vodafone Broadband is available in your area.

What packages are available?

Vodafone Broadband offers two packages with a choice of speeds:

  • Superfast 1- a mid-range fibre broadband package with average speeds of 35Mb, guaranteed 25Mb minimum speed or money off. 18 month contract with one-off connection fee and no line rental
  • Superfast 2 - the high-end fibre package with average speeds of 63Mb, guaranteed 55Mb minimum speed or money off. 8 month contract with one-off connection fee and no line rental

Both packages allow for unlimited usage. You get the high-tech Vodafone Connect wireless router as part of the package. This incorporates several cutting edge technologies to improve wi-fi access around your home. It can also be controlled and managed via a mobile app.

There is the option to add a landline calls plan. Evening and weekend, and Anytime calls packages are available.

Which package should I choose?

With only two packages to choose from, both with unlimited usage, the same contract length and the same high-end router, you can safely make your decision based on speed and price.

The Unlimited Fibre 38 package is available for the same price as many other provider's standard phoneline broadband deals. It's an attractive option if you need fibre broadband now, or think you might need it in future. You do have to pay a one-off connection fee of £49, though (although this is frequently half price, free or cut to only £1 during special offers), so remember to factor this into the costs.

For heavier use, such as in larger households where users would be streaming media to multiple devices simultaneously, or making multi-gigabyte games downloads, the fibre packages would be much more suitable.

Points to consider before you choose

  • How many people will be using your broadband connection, and will they be using it for streaming or downloading?
  • Is being tied into a longer contract a problem for you?

Compare all Vodafone Broadband packages

What do I get when I sign up?

It’s important to know what you’re getting when you sign up for broadband, as you may need to budget for extras

  • Vodafone Connect router worth £130 - the router supports several unique features including “Beam”, which uses beamforwarding technology to send a stronger signal to compatible devices, and “Boost”, which enables you to prioritise speeds to a single device for faster downloading.
  • Access to the Vodafone Connect smartphone app - the router can be controlled by the Vodafone Connect smartphone app for iPhone and Android. With this app you can manage your network, turn it on and off on a schedule, set up Guest access and limit access to family members, and change the password.
  • Six months free anti-virus protection - all customers get access to a free six month subscription to the F Secure SAFE anti-virus package.
  • Free tech support - Vodafone provides free customer service by phone from 8am to 11pm.

What are the benefits of Vodafone Broadband?

What are the main reasons why you should consider buying a broadband package from Vodafone?

  • Clear pricing - Vodafone's integrated pricing structure means you know exactly how much you will need to pay each month.
  • Competitively priced - Vodafone's fibre broadband packages are priced very favourably against the other big name providers.
  • High-end router - the router supports superfast 802.11ac networking and some unique features. And it isn’t just restricted to fibre broadband customers, either.
  • Smartphone control - the free iPhone and Android app makes managing your network a lot easier.
  • Smart parental controls - the Family Time feature, available through the app, enables you to tailor broadband access for each member of your household, including how much time they can spend online and what they can see.
  • Minimum speed guarantee - if your fibre speed is lower than 25Mb for Superfast 1 or lower than 55Mb for Superfast 2, you'll pay even less for your fibre to the cabinet broadband service.

What are the drawbacks of Vodafone Broadband?

Nothing’s perfect. What potential downsides to Vodafone Broadband should you be aware before you sign up?

  • Long contracts - all of the Vodafone Connect packages require an 18 month contract. Much of the competition offers 12 month contracts or even shorter.
  • Few extras - the router's impressive, but you get few other extras for your money.
  • No phoneline broadband options - if you don't live in a fibre-to-the-cabinet enabled area or you don't need fibre speeds then Vodafone will no longer offer you a slower standard phoneline broadband product.