Sky Broadband Buyers Guide

Pioneers of truly unlimited broadband offering standard and superfast broadband both with and without Sky TV

  • TV options are second to none with Sky Q and Sky Go
  • Truly unlimited broadband available
  • Fibre broadband services available
  • Wide range of combined phone/TV/broadband packages
  • Free access to thousands of Sky Wi-Fi hotspots

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Sky Broadband Superfast
£27.00 for 18 months
£32.00 thereafter

£19.95 upfront cost

  • 18 months reduced price
  • 59Mb average download speed
  • 18Mb average upload speed!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • Free AC-rated Sky Q Hub for 3 times faster connections
  • Only pay for the calls you use
  • 18 month contract

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Reasons to choose Sky

  • Fibre packages available - Broadband Superfast has speeds averaging 59Mb
  • Truly unlimited broadband -  with no caps or traffic management
  • Fixed price guarantee - 24 month price guarantee on select TV + broadband deals
  • Large range of TV packages - virtually anyone can get TV from Sky as it's supplied by satellite and doesn't depend on cable or broadband speed
  • Sky Q box - all new Sky TV customers get the industry-leading Sky Q box as standard
  • On Demand - catch up on TV you've missed, or choose from a large selection of TV box sets and movies
  • Sky Go - watch the channels available on your TV subscription on tablets, Xbox, laptops and phones where there is a broadband, wireless or 4G connection available
  • Free wi-fi for Sky Broadband customers - unlimited wi-fi in popular high street locations around the UK
  • Customer satisfaction - Sky has one of the lowest customer complaint levels in Ofcom's quarterly broadband, telecoms and TV complaint reports and has been reported as having the highest or joint highest broadband customer satisfaction level out of the 'big 5' providers since 2009

Possible downsides

  • Standard broadband not available outside of Sky network areas - although Sky's network does cover more than 90% of UK homes
  • No standalone broadband available - you can take Sky Broadband without TV, but phone line rental must be paid on all packages
  • No short contracts - standard contracts are 18 months with no shorter options available
  • Satellite dish needed for TV packages - not for the aesthetically-conscious, though Sky dishes are as discrete as such things can be

Features at a glance

  • 11Mb average download speeds and 0.8Mb average upload speeds outside fibre areas, Fibre Max averages 59Mb downloads and 18Mb average upload

  • 18 month contracts as standard

  • Download allowances are truly unlimited

  • Free activation for standard broadband, £50 for fibre, often discounted during promotions

  • Support available by phone 8.30am to 9pm, Tweet @SkyHelpTeam 8.30am to 11pm weekdays and 9am to 11pm weekends

  • McAfee Internet Security Suite, free for 12 months for three PCs

  • AC-rated Sky Q Hub broadband router, £9.95 delivery charge applies

  • TV options are unrivalled in both content and features, including Ultra HD through the 2TB Sky Q box

  • Phone service included

  • Unlimited free wi-fi in popular high street locations around the UK

  • Sky Broadband have published a Traffic Management Policy

2.9 stars
  satisfaction rating based on 8890 customer ratings since 2019-03-30. See more Sky customer ratings and reviews.

Details last checked on 2020-03-27

Customer Reviews

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving. Below are all the reviews we've received for Sky.

Customer Ratings Summary

  • Satisfaction
    2.9 stars
  • Customer Service
    3.2 stars
  • Speed
    2.6 stars
  • Reliability
    2.8 stars

Based on 8890 customer ratings since 2019-03-30

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Ratings are left by users of our speed test as well as by reviewers. Recent star ratings summarise the last 12 months of ratings or the last 100 placed, whichever is largest.

Reviewer Location Reviewing Date Ratings
genuinely i don’t think your wifi could get any worse, the amount of times i will be sitting watching tv or on my phone and all of a sudden nothing loads cause of the wifi is unimaginable, literally the ******* thing ever! then you try and fix it and again doesn’t work, tv great fine good but the wifi is awful, worse than awful, so unreliable and inconsistent! recommend u get it sorted
  • Satisfaction
    2 stars
  • Customer Service
    4 stars
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
northern ireland Sky  
Disgustingly horrific. Worst 5 years of my internet life. Honestly, if there are any alternatives in your area, use them. Buy a pigeon and it’ll be faster than this rubbish. We have averaged 0.3Mbs over the last week, and not for the first time. Slow, unreliable, and expensive. Don’t do it
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Hampshire Sky  
don't bother with this its absolute garbage. switched from EE WISH I HAD NOT BOTHERED. Its so slow its painful. also says it will reach every room. I only have a ground floor property it will not even reach to the far end of the building.
Generally too inconsistent to be considered acceptable. Even at off - peak times it is extraordinary how it can just completely go for about five minutes and come back. Particularly irritating if I'm trying to play a game that requires a constant connection. I won't be tolerating it much longer and I'd encourage others not to bother in the first place
  • Satisfaction
    2 stars
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    3 stars
  • Reliability
    2 stars
Gloucester Sky  
Having been a long time BT Broadband customer, I made the fateful decision in January to switch to Sky, largely so I could have my TV and broadband on the same bill. The issues began when Sky inexplicably started sending my broadband to my next door neighbour. This meant a month's wait to actually start receiving broadband services given the 2 weeks it takes to took for my neighbour to take back their line, and then the further 2 weeks for Sky to finally take over my BT service. Fast forward to mid March, and I finally start receiving broadband services from Sky, which is exactly 1/3 of the speed of my previous BT service, which is also incredibly unstable. I was told upon complaining, that there is an external issue with the openreach hub out in the street (what an amazing coincidence that this issue began at the exact moment my service switched over to Sky!). Needless to say, my patience with Sky is at an end, and I have run home to BT with my tail between my legs like a sad ex-boyfriend begging for their former partner back.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Manchester Sky  
I've been a sky customer for over 10 years, running a smooth TV services and having mixed experiences with broadband.
I decided to fully upgrade my package for TV+BB and at the very end of the sales process I am informed that installation of the Sky Q box (the necessary piece of kit to extend my BB to the whole house) will take 70 days!!!! This is misselling to say the least. The day before agreed installation date they pushed it forward another 2 weeks. On the next installation date, they did not turn up, did not call and re arranged for 8 days later. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER, SHAMBOLIC, TOTAL DISREGARD TO ITS CUSTOMERS. SOLD SOMETHING THAT THEY CANNOT DELIVER.
Suggest you go somewhere else to source your TV and broadband services.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
London Sky  
Our Sky internet is absolute crap.
It harks back to the days of dial up.
We have to reboot the router at least four or five times a day. It is so slow, we can not watch anything on Youtube. Our max download speed is 0.1mb. The whole deal is rubbish. I shall be going elsewhere when I get the time to switch. Sky? Don't give them the time of day.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
West Sussex Sky  
The worst experience I had. It took me several days to cancel subscription. Speed was not as promised. Would never recommend this company.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Reading Sky  
I've been with Sky Broadband for five years: fibre optic with international calls included.

The service went from poor to abysmal in the last year or so. The broadband speed is as slow as it gets (keep in mind I live just outside the city, modern surroundings and Sky's own 'connectivity test' keeps telling me I have the fastest possible speed!)and, since buying a SmartTV it is downright laughable.

The box has several LAN cable inputs, not one of which actually work; you'd think it would be possible to call or email or chat to Sky about this. Think again: it isn't. Like many absolutely useless online companies nowadays, Sky have gone out of their way to make sure nobody can ever contact them about anything whatsoever.

In addition, this is the most expensive junk I've ever paid for in my life, considering the poor service, rubbish quality, slow internet speed and bad telephone connection (though that might be down to the equally useless BT). Avoid Sky if you can, unfortunately all other providers in the UK are equally rubbish.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    2 stars
  • Reliability
    1 star
Brighton Sky  
I'm coming to the end of my 18 month contract with Sky so feel I'm in a good position to write a review. It's my first house so I don't have a previous ISP to compare to at the property.

In terms of setup, there was a slight delay to the activation date, which I was well informed about. Luckily I went away on holiday for a week a few days after moving in, so the service was activated by the time I returned. The router was delivered through the letterbox and only took 5 minutes to setup.

The router has decent coverage but unfortunately can't reach the back of the house on the first floor. It's an old house with thick, solid walls so this is understandable. I setup an old BT homehub as an access point upstairs which means I now get coverage throughout the whole house. The router works well out the box, there are a few things you can change and monitor via the My Sky smartphone app and there are some more advanced security features you can setup by navigating to the routers local IP address in a web browser.

I'm on the 36MB/s package and I've been getting that without issue. In terms of reliability, other people on Sky in my area have reported issues but I haven't experienced any. I've had a reliable connection whenever I've need it and there hasn't been significant throttling back at peak times.

Now that my contracts coming to an end, the price is set to increase by £15 per month from £27 to £42. I looked around for some better deals off other providers, along with what Sky could offer a new customer on my package (£25 p/m). I also checked online what upgrade deals they could give me and the only available upgrade was guaranteed 100MB/s for £27 per month (same as what I'm currently paying); faster speeds is nice but 36MB/s is enough for me most of the time, I'd rather save a few pounds. Armed with this information, I phone up Sky to see what they could offer over the phone (you know, these companies always say they can give you the best deals if you ring them up). I explained that I'm happy with the speed but want a cheaper price, the best they could come up with is the same speed for £27 per month - exactly what I'm paying now, which would also get me guaranteed 100MB/s if I upgraded online.

Overall, I've been happy with Sky in terms of speed and reliability but they've been unwilling to give me a competitive renewal price. I'm now moving to EE who offer 36MB/s for £23, plus £100 topcashback on top as well as 5GB extra mobile data.
  • Satisfaction
    5 stars
  • Customer Service
    4 stars
  • Speed
    5 stars
  • Reliability
    5 stars
Swadlincote, Derbys Sky  


The reviews published on this page are those of the individual authors who have warrantied that they abide by our review guidelines. Reviews are not the opinion of

Working From Home

UK broadband has more than enough capacity to handle the surge in home workers

Posted on 2020-03-23 18:17 in News Vodafone Plusnet BT Virgin Media Sky EE

With millions of people now having to work from home there's been a lot of speculation about whether the UK's broadband infrastructure will be able to handle a massive surge in demand.

Well don't worry, because the expectation is that it can. That's the word from BT, who say they've got "more than enough capacity…to handle mass-scale home-working in response to COVID-19".

Last week, the company shared some data to demonstrate just how well their network was able to cope with higher levels of usage. They showed that in the previous week a couple of major video game releases and Champions League football had combined to hit new record levels of traffic for BT - to the tune of 17.5 terabits per second (Tbps) - without the network buckling under the strain.

The increase in home working meanwhile, has seen daytime traffic increase by as much as 60%, but still remains well below the record at around 7.5Tbps. Of course, with schools now closed, it's likely that traffic will go up further during the day, but the industry is confident that it will be able to handle it.

Our own speed test data, compiled from thousands of speed tests each month, supports the view that broadband connections aren't slowing down as well. We pulled the average home broadband speed results from the middle of February, and they were 44Mbps. The period between the 8th and the 14th of March saw average speeds of 43.9Mbps, while between the 15th to the 23rd of March, average speeds were 44.7Mbps. The speed differences displayed are of no real significance, and we're happy that people shouldn't be seeing any negative impact on their connection, despite the current change in UK working arrangements.

Are you working from home? Check out our tips on how to minimise disruption to your broadband service, and make sure it's good enough for what you need.

To help things along, TV streaming companies have agreed temporary measures to slash the amount of data they use by as much as a quarter. Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ are streaming their content at a lower bitrate, while YouTube now defaults to an SD stream - although you can still manually set videos to play at a higher resolution if you want to. The BBC also seems likely to make a change in the not too distant future.

Will you notice the difference? Possibly not, although it depends what you're watching. Streaming at a lower bitrate means that the video is more heavily compressed. With the way video compression works it's more noticeable in busy scenes with lots of fast movement, where the image may become blocky or distorted. In slower scenes, you'll have to look pretty closely to see any effect.

As for streaming in SD, as with YouTube, that might not look great if you watch on a massive 4K telly, but for viewing on a smaller screen like a tablet it should be just fine.

How to pause your Sky Sports and BT Sport subscriptions

In other news, Sky and BT have taken the decision to allow customers to pause their sports channel subscriptions for as long as there's no actual sport taking place. You can do this at or at Unfortunately, you can't pause these channels if you've got them through Virgin Media.

BT have removed data caps on all their broadband products. This won't affect most people, since most of their plans are already unlimited. But if you're on an older deal you'll no longer have to worry about managing your usage.

And lots of broadband providers have issued statements to explain their COVID-19 plans, including what happens if you need a callout from a technician to solve a problem. You should have received this via email, but if you haven't you can read them online from BT, Sky, Virgin Media, EE, Vodafone and Plusnet.


Frustrated man stares at laptop

Vodafone tops broadband complaints table for second quarter

Posted on 2020-01-31 17:15 in News Vodafone EE Sky

Vodafone home broadband have once again topped industry watchdog Ofcom's list of shame as the most complained about of the 8 biggest broadband suppliers. By contrast, EE and Sky have shared the glory as the least complained-about providers.

Ofcom complaint figures for the 3rd quarter of last year show that Vodafone garnered 26 complaints per every 100,000 customers between July and September 2019. This was an improvement on the 30 per 100,000 they hit in the previous quarter, but was still close to double the industry average. Almost 4 in 10 of the grievances related to faults and service issues.

In a difficult period, Vodafone also topped the chart for the most landline complaints (18 per 100,000) and were joint top for mobile (7 per 100,000, with Virgin Mobile).

Of the rest of the Big Eight, Plusnet, TalkTalk and Virgin Media also generated an above average number of complaints. At the end of 2018 Plusnet were by far the most complained about provider with a whopping 43 complaits per 100,000 subscribers, but they have improved every quarter since and are now equal to TalkTalk. Meanwhile Virgin Media saw the biggest rise in complaints across 2019, having started at 10 per 100,000 in the first quarter. Across the board, the main causes of the gripes were complaints handling (32%), faults and service issues (31%), and billing problems (20%).

Meanwhile, EE and Sky were shown to be the Big Eight providers that left their users feeling happiest. Their 5 complaints each per 100,000 customers was nearly two-thirds less than the overall industry average and less than a fifth of the complaint levels received by Vodafone Home Broadband.

Here's the full rundown of the Big Eight's broadband complaints per every 100,000 customers:

Ofcom's Telecoms and Pay TV Complaints report is released quarterly, and covers providers with a market share of over 1.5%. It counts complaints received by the regulator, but doesn't include those sent directly to the provider or any other body.

The report also covers landline (worst performer: Vodafone; best performer: EE), mobile (worst: Vodafone and Virgin Media; best: Tesco Mobile), and pay TV services (worst: Virgin Media; best: Sky).

How to compare smaller broadband providers

Ofcom's research comes in very handy when you're shopping for a new broadband provider, as it gives you a good overview of the general performance of each company. But it does exclude the smaller providers who often offer interesting services, such as the no-contract deals from NOW Broadband or the near-gigabit internet from Hyperoptic.

So what can you do if you're considering one of these companies? Our broadband listings measure overall user satisfaction levels for each provider, as well as their performance on customer service, speed and reliability issues. You can see their most recent ratings or a historic figure for all time, allowing you to judge whether their performance has worsened over time. Zen Broadband currently top our rankings.

Along with the ratings we've got over 20,000 user reviews across all the providers. It gives you an unmatched insight into the kind of experience you'll get with each company, and what issues you may or may not have with them.

You can see all the scores on our Broadband Reviews page, and just click through to read the feedback for each broadband. We'd also encourage you to leave a rating and review of your own, even if you have no complaints. The more information we share, the easier it becomes to choose the right broadband provider.


Sky Broadband Buyers Guide - Is Sky right for you?

Can I get Sky Broadband?

Although Sky are known for their satellite TV service, they don't offer satellite broadband. Their broadband comes through a BT phone line like most other providers.

Sky’s low cost broadband network is the second largest (third if you count BT), available to more than 90% of the UK population as of 2015. Sky’s fibre optic broadband service uses the Openreach fibre optic network and is therefore available anywhere fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband has been enabled. This is currently available to over 94% of UK households, including all but the most remote rural areas.

You can check to see if you live in Sky’s network or fibre network area with our postcode checker.

What packages are available?

Sky offer two core packages catering to different speed and download requirements. You can customise them by adding your choice of TV bundles, as well as landline and mobile calls.

There is one standard broadband package and one fibre option:

  • Sky Broadband Essential - totally unlimited standard broadband with speeds averaging 11Mb, on an 18 month contract
  • Sky Broadband Superfast - a high-end fibre service with speeds averaging 59Mb on an 18 month contract. Usage is totally unlimited

Sky Broadband Superfast comes with a speed guarantee. When you sign up you'll be told the minimum speed you should be able to get. If your service falls below that speed during the first 30 days you can claim your money back on that first month, as well as any setup costs you paid. You'll also be given the option to switch to the next best fibre package - most likely one of the 36Mb deals. Alternatively, you can cancel with no charge. Visit Sky for more information on the Sky Broadband Superfast Speed Guarantee.

All packages come with a Sky Talk calls plan, which can be upgraded further to include Anytime or International calls. You can also add a mobile plan. As a broadband customer you'll get unlimited free calls and texts with any Sky Mobile data plan.

What TV packages are available?

Sky TV is the UK's leading premium TV provider, with the largest selection of movies and sporting events.

Sky comes into your home via a satellite dish that needs to be installed on your property. You get a 1TB Sky Q box as standard, which allows you to record three shows while watching a fourth. You can upgrade to a 2TB box for extra features, including support for UHD broadcasts and the ability to record five shows at once.

There's on-demand viewing, plus support for watching on your phone or laptop via the Sky Go app. In addition, the Sky Q box lets you watch Netflix on your TV. All Sky TV deals are on a deal of at least 18 months.

The channels are divided into a series of bundles:

  • Entertainment - over 300 channels, including Sky Atlantic, Fox and Gold. This is the base package, and you need to have this in order to take any of the other bundles
  • Cinema - 11 channels split by genre, along with over 1000 movies available on demand
  • Sports -  seven channels dedicated to specific sports, plus a couple of free channels including Sky Sports News. You can select up to three channels at a lower price, on a 31 day rolling contract, or take them all on an 18 month deal
  • Kids -  add 11 channels and 5000 episodes on demand, on a 31 day contract
  • Box Sets - over 400 UK and US TV shows available on demand, on a 31 day contract
  • HD - upgrade your Entertainment channels to HD on a 31 day contract

Entertainment and Cinema are on 18 month contracts, and the price rises when the contract ends. The other channel packages can be had on 31 day rolling deals, but you cannot sign up for these on their own. The Entertainment bundle comes as standard - you have to take it even if you really only want the sports channels, for example. You may also be charged a setup fee in all cases.

Sky Q Multiscreen is also available as an add-on, enabling you to watch your channels and recordings on other TVs in your home as well as on tablet computers. If you have a 2TB Sky Q box then Multiscreen may be requred to unlock some advanced features.

Although Sky is available for most people, having a dish installed may not always be convenient or possible. Sky is expected to roll out dish-less streaming TV services in 2019.

Which package should I choose?

Sky Broadband has something for every level of user, and the packages can be customised to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Your choice of broadband package really depends what speed you require. Faster broadband is more appealing, but there is no need to pay more than necessary, especially when the broadband service is truly unlimited, letting you download, Skype, or game to your heart’s content. If you live near enough to the telephone exchange to get the full benefit, Sky Broadband Essential's average speed of 11Mb is sufficient for these things and you won’t be artificially slowed down at peak hours.

If you want fast and unlimited then take a look at Sky Broadband Superfast, averaging 59Mb. Which you choose depends on the size of your household - whether it's a large family or a student house, for instance - and if they are likely to be streaming, gaming and downloading at the same time.

Once you've chosen your broadband service you can customise it by choosing the Sky Talk bundle you need, if you make lots of landline calls. You can also add your choice of TV bundle. This gets you a 1TB Sky Q box as standard, with the option to upgrade to a more powerful 2TB box offering double the storage, the ability to record more channels and Ultra HD support. See below for full details about the different types of Sky Q box.

Points to consider before you choose

  • How many people will be using your broadband connection?
  • Are you a heavy downloader, do you regularly play online games or do you stream TV and films?
  • Do you want to watch TV on your tablet, or in more than one room?
  • Would the expense of the faster speed of fibre packages worth it for you?
  • Can you find the TV channels you want cheaper elsewhere?

Compare all Sky Broadband packages

What do I get when I sign-up?

It's always good to know upfront what you'll get when signing up with an ISP so you know what you can enjoy for free, or to budget for any extras you may want.

  • Sky Go - Sky Go allows you to watch live or on-demand TV while on the move, letting you access your TV subscription anywhere there is a broadband, wireless or 4G connection available. The Sky Go app gives you TV direct to iPhones, iPads or selected Android smartphones, letting you watch live from your mobile device (although be careful if using 4G that you do not exceed your mobile download allowance as streaming TV is bandwidth-intensive). Essentially, you get to take your TV with you… without even needing an actual television.
  • Sky Q Hub - The 802.11ac wireless router allows up to 64 devices to connect at the same time, and supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands for a better and more reliable connection. In practice this means higher connection speeds at longer distances with compatible devices.
  • Sky Q Box - All TV customers receive a Sky Q box. The standard option - a 1TB box - allow you to record up to three shows simultaneously, while watching a fourth. It has enough space to record 500 hours of standard definition TV, and has full Multiscreen support (for an extra fee). There's also the option to upgrade to a 2TB box for an extra one-off fee. This enables you to record five channels as standard, while watching a sixth, and has support for Ultra HD broadcasts among its extra features. 
  • Sky Wi-Fi - Sky Wi-Fi is available to Sky broadband customers and allows you to use a wireless-enabled device to go online at any Sky hotspot no extra cost. This allows you to go online at thousands of locations including high streets, coffee shops, railway stations, and pubs. This not only allows you a much faster connection than through mobile broadband, but also has no download limit, letting you use The Cloud to access the internet while you wait for your train, or sit down with a large cappuccino (however traffic management and fair usage limits may apply).
  • McAfee Internet Security - Customers signing up to any unlimited Sky broadband package will get a 12 months free trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite to protect their computer from viruses and malware. It can be installed on three PCs.
  • Broadband Shield - Sky's Broadband Shield enables you to control the kinds of content that can be accessed on your network.

What do I get with Sky TV?

With Sky TV you get access to a vast array of TV channels and content, both live and on-demand. It's delivered to your home via a cutting edge Sky Q box.

All customers signing up to Sky TV get a Sky Q box as standard. The basic 1TB box offers many cutting edge features, including:

  • 1TB hard drive - Enough space to store 500 hours of standard definition TV.
  • Record three shows - You can record up to three channels at the same time while watching a fourth.
  • Multiscreen capability - Watch recordings around your home on either a free Sky Q Mini box or your tablet computer, or pause on one device and continue watching on another. Requires additional Sky Q Multiscreen subscription.
  • Mobile device support - The ability to save recordings to a tablet or other mobile device to watch on the go. Available as part of the Sky Q Multiscreen add-on.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot - The Sky Q box and any Mini boxes work as wi-fi hotspots, which can help to improve the wireless signal around your home.
  • Netflix support - You can watch Netflix through your Sky Q box, if you've got a subscription.

The Sky Q Multiscreen feature requires an additional subscription of £12 per month. This provides you with a Sky Q Mini box that connects to another TV in your home (you can add more TVs for a one-off fee of £99 each), and also enables you to stream your recordings to a compatible tablet. You can stream to one tablet at a time with a 1TB Sky Q box, or two tablets if you upgrade to a 2TB box.

If you choose to upgrade to the 2TB Sky Q box you get a number of extra features. As well as the extra storage space - enough for 1000 hours of SD TV - you can record five shows while watching a sixth. You can also watch Ultra HD broadcasts - although you do need to take out the Sky Q Multiscreen subscription to unlock this - and you get an innovative Sky Q Touch Remote powered by Bluetooth. The 1TB box gets a standard IR remote.

The monthly price is the same whichever box you choose, but the 2TB model increases installation costs to £75 if you take Multiscreen, or £199 without. By contrast, you pay a £20 installation fee for the 1TB box. In either case you won't actually own the box - you keep it for as long as you maintain your subscription. This also applies to the Sky Q Hub.

Once you have subscribed to the Sky TV service you get access to all of your chosen channels - including the optional Sky Sports and Sky Cinema - plus a full suite of on-demand services, including:

  • Catch up TV in HD - Catch up on shows you may have missed during the week. Sky has the UK's largest Catch Up TV service, which includes most TV channels and channels in HD.
  • TV Box Sets - Whole seasons of TV shows so you can watch episodes back-to-back and relive your favourites, or catch up on shows that are new to you.
  • Showcase - A selection of the week's best television.
  • Sky Store - There are over 1,000 movies that you can rent through the Sky Store, from as little as 99p.
  • Sky Cinema - Take out a Sky Cinema subscription with your package, and you'll have access to over 800 movies online.

The Sky Q boxes come with wi-fi capability already built in, so you don't need to worry about connecting them to your broadband router with long cables. Once you're connected, it's simple to use by hitting your ‘TV Guide' button and accessing the On Demand features with the red button.

What are the benefits of Sky?

The benefits offered by an ISP may be what seals the deal in your decision to buy a package from them.

  • Truly unlimited broadband - Sky offer truly unlimited broadband with not only no monthly download limits, but also no traffic management even at peak times. This lets you download files or play games to your heart’s content without needing to worry about being artificially slowed down, which can be a problem especially in larger households.
  • Sky TV - Sky’s satellite TV service is second-to-none in the range of options it provides, including premium channels such as Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. Even the most basic Sky TV packages offer the exclusive channel Sky Atlantic, UK home of such dramas as Game of Thrones and all HBO original shows, and a range of Sky entertainment channels. No other provider offers as wide a selection of TV channels. The Sky Q box also builds in Multiscreen support (for an additional monthly charge), so you can catch your favourite shows on TVs and tablet computers around your home.
  • Sky Boost - you can opt to pay a little extra each month, you can get extra benefits added to your broadband package. These include sngineer visits at times that suit you, including evenings and weekends, daily checks on your line to catch any problems and fix them as fast as possible, the Sky Broadband Buddy app to control your family's screen time, and 2GB added to your Sky Mobile account if you have one.
  • WiFi Guarantee - if you opt to pay extra for Sky Boost and your WiFi isn't performing as well as it should, Sky will take several steps to improve the situation, from sending you a booster to improve the signal to sending a Sky Engineer out to optimise things for you. If you're still not getting WiFi in every room, then Sky will refund your Boost upgrade for the remainder of your contract.
  • Some of the best wi-fi kit available - With the Sky Q Hub, you get one of the most reliable and best performing wireless routers provided with a broadband service. 
  • Reliability and Customer service - Ofcom's Telecoms and Pay TV Complaints Report from January 2020 showed that Sky had the fewest complaints for broadband, landline and TV out of all the major suppliers. Sky have had the highest or joint highest Ofcom reported customer satisfaction levels for broadband (out of the 'big 5' providers) since 2009.
  • Complete entertainment package - Sky’s combined TV/broadband/phone packages allow you to pay for all of your entertainment services together, saving hassle and potentially saving money on getting these individually, especially from different providers. You can add a mobile deal, too.

What are the drawbacks of Sky?

Let's face it, not everything can be perfect, and even the best deals may have a downside.

  • No short contracts - Sky’s contracts have a minimum of 18 months, which can be a problem for those who have short tenancies or do not want the commitment of a year-long contract. The lack of one-month contracts is not necessarily a problem however, as the long contracts can be a plus to those who live in one place and do not wish to renew on a regular basis.
  • Expensive for the full deal - A full Sky TV package can get pretty expensive, especially if you only want to watch certain shows or channels. Check our guide on the best value pay TV services to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere.
  • Sky Talk line rental required - Unlike with Virgin Media, a phoneline is required to access Sky's standard and fibre broadband products, there's also no option to pay one provider for phone services while taking only broadband from Sky, although Sky TV can be combined with other broadband providers. Sky's combined broadband and line rental packages are competitively priced though, with optional call plans for cheaper calling if required.
  • Many flagship TV features cost more - A number of Sky Q's widely advertised features actually require the additional Sky Q Multiscreen subscription, which adds £12 to your monthly cost. This includes the ability to watch live TV and recordings on tablet computers, where you can stop watching on one device and pick up from the same point on another, and support for watching shows in 4K Ultra HD on a 2TB Sky Q box.
  • Satellite TV can be affected by storms - Viewing and recording of live TV can be negatively affected by heavy rain, although On Demand services will be unaffected. Other TV providers use underground cables or internet streaming to provide TV channels so don't have this limitation. However, most if the time satellite TV will be superior to internet streamed content that may be prone to buffering or drops in quality at peak times.