Broadband Deals

Our comparison table below shows you the most up to date list of the best broadband deals available.

Cheapest Broadband Deals

For many broadband customers price is the most important factor when looking for the best supplier and offer for them.

When cost is your main priority be aware that products that cost the same may vary in terms of the service they offer. Always be sure to compare the deal’s features such as download allowance, download speeds and bundled equipment.

In some cases, the biggest savings can be made by paying in advance for either the line rental or all broadband costs. To see these savings, click More Info on the offer you're interested in, or compare using the Biggest Savings tab.

The table below will help you compare the features and costs of deals to find the one that covers all your requirements at the cheapest price.

Fastest Broadband Deals

As the popularity of streaming video services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix spreads, more and more customers are looking to get the fastest home Internet service they can to keep up.

The fastest broadband available will depend very much on where you live. The very fastest suppliers use fibre optic technology but they are not available in all areas of the UK.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a fibre optic enabled area then your speeds will be determined by how far from your telephone exchange you live.

The table below will help you compare the speeds and prices of deals and check availability in your area.

Broadband, Phone and Television Bundles

An increasing number of broadband deals now come bundled in with TV and phone services. This includes the obvious Sky and Virgin Media offerings but more and more Internet service providers now also offer TV services, such as BT and TalkTalk.

These deals can offer excellent value for money but, as always, there are a few things to look out for when comparing deals:

Hidden extra costs, are you getting the best price on phone calls and line rental? Is the download limit going to be big enough for you and what are the costs of top ups should you exceed your monthly allowance? Are the best advertised prices available in your area?

TV bundles sometimes require providers to have upgraded your local area or telephone exchange, if this hasn't happened in your area then you may find bundles are not available or may cost considerably more than advertised.

It's really important to compare the bundle features between suppliers and the table below will help you do just that.

Broadband Only Deals

Many broadband deals are bundles where you buy Internet and phone (or even TV) services from the same supplier with one monthly bill.

However not everyone wants to bundle all these services together and in this case you’ll be looking for a broadband only contract.

In most cases you’ll still need to have a working phone line which you will arrange and pay for separately.

The table below contains all those deals that stand alone, allowing you to use the line rental and calls of another supplier.

Unlimited Broadband Deals

If you don’t want to have to worry about how much you are using the Internet on a monthly basis then you need an unlimited deal.

Unlimited deals don’t have a monthly usage allowance cap so there is no need to worry about exceeding any limits, which means not having to worry about potential charges or slowdowns for over usage.

Unlimited deals aren’t usually the cheapest but, as webpages and videos grow in size, we download more and more data every month. So if you're a heavy user, it’s worth the extra to know you won’t run out of bandwidth.

The following table lists all the unlimited allowance deals in our database.

Fibre Optic Broadband Deals

Fibre Optic broadband is generally accepted as being any Internet service provided by fibre optic cables either as far as the street cabinet or your building.

Depending on the type of service, fibre broadband can deliver speeds that are super-fast, 25Mb or higher, ultra-fast, 100Mb or higher, or hyperfast, 1Gb or higher.

The majority of fibre deals are provided via fibre optic cables travelling as far as a street cabinet, then taken to your home via stadard copper phone cables which offer super-fast speeds. Virgin Media's fibre service uses steel cables from the street cabinet and so offers ultra-fast speeds. Currently fibre to the cabinet is rolling out across many parts of the UK. As a general rule the larger the town or city, the more likely you are to have fibre services available now or in the near future.

Fibre coverage is much more patchy in the more rural areas of the country as the cost of installing the infrastructure is so much more expensive. There's also the factor that street cabinets also need to be upgraded to support fibre connections, so those living on the outskirts of an enabled exchange may have to wait longer for their area to be hooked up.

The table below shows details of fibre optic broadband deals in the UK.

No Contract Broadband Deals

The majority of broadband deals come with minimum term contracts, these can be quite lengthy with some up to 24 months. Once the minimum term is over, the service usually switches to a monthly rolling contract with a shorter notice period.

While for many people being signed into a contract isn’t a problem, for some people this can be an issue, especially those in short term accommodation but who still need a broadband connection.

The solution is a no contract broadband deal, these usually run month to month with no minimum term. This flexibility usually means a slightly higher monthly price, but this will still work out less than the cancellation charges of a long term contract.

The table below shows all the no contract broadband deals in our database.

4G Home Broadband Deals

Stuck with sluggish broadband speeds with no fibre installation in sight? 4G home broadband may be the solution you're looking for.

4G home broadband uses the mobile network to provide home internet access the same way as you'd get online on your smartphone or tablet. It uses a broadband router that's similar to those from regular broadband providers, but designed to use a SIM card rather than be plugged into your phone socket. It's more sophisticated than a regular mobile WiFi device, giving you options that are usually only available on a regular broadband router.

Even if the mobile signal is poor inside your house, you probably aren't out of luck - your supplier can usually fit an external antenna to your house that plugs into your router and will boost the signal, providing you with a better connection. In an area with poor phoneline broadband performance, a 4G home router is likely to be able to beat those speeds even when there's only HSPA or H+ mobile data available.

The table below shows all the 4G Home Broadband deals in our database, or visit our 4G Home Broadband Guide for more information.

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Contract  (Sorted)  
1st Year Cost    
Monthly Cost    
Hyperoptic 1Gb Hyperfast Fibre Broadband More Info

Special offer: 24 months reduced price!
Please use our postcode checker to see if Hyperoptic is available in your area

802.11n Wireless Router

2.1 stars
£451 £36.00
£60.00 after 24 months

£19.00 upfront cost

Go to site
BT Fibre 1 More Info

Online exclusive: £50 Virtual Reward Card + 24 months reduced price + Smart Hub!
This package comes without the option of making calls, you can add a call package from £5 extra a month

802.11ac Wireless RouterPhone CallingLine Rental

3.1 stars
£452 £34.99
£39.99 after 24 months
Annual price changes apply
Reward only available to new customers signing up online

£31.99 upfront cost

Go to site
Plusnet Full Fibre 900 More Info

Special offer: 24 months reduced price!
Full Fibre subject to availability, please use our postcode checker to see if you can get it in your area

802.11ac Wireless RouterLine Rental

4.3 stars
£504 £41.99
£67.89 after 24 months
annual price changes apply

Go to site
BT Sport + Fibre 2 More Info

Online exclusive: £50 Virtual Reward Card + 24 months reduced price broadband + Smart Hub!
This package comes without the option of making calls, you can add a call package from £5 extra a month

802.11ac Wireless RouterPhone CallingTelevision ServiceLine Rental

3.1 stars
£546 £31.99
£49.99 after 3 months
£54.99 a month after 24 months
Reward only available to new customers signing up online

Go to site
BT Entertainment + Fibre 2 More Info

Online exclusive: £50 Virtual Reward Card + 24 months reduced price + Smart Hub!
This package comes without the option of making calls, you can add a call package from £5 extra a month

802.11ac Wireless RouterPhone CallingTelevision ServiceLine Rental

3.1 stars
£600 £49.99
£54.99 after 24 months
Annual price changes apply
Reward only available to new customers signing up online

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  • Wireless Router
  • 802.11n Wireless Router
  • 802.11ac Wireless Router
  • Phone Calling
  • Television Service
  • Line Rental

Home Broadband Buyers Guide

We know from consumer feedback how daunting it can be when looking to choose a broadband deal. The marketplace is crowded with companies looking to entice you to sign up with them. Choosing your service may seem outwardly simple, "it's just internet access surely?", but start to investigate providers and you'll be hit with a storm of jargon which to many people makes little or no sense at all. But fear not! Our sole mission is to help you understand the broadband marketplace in the UK and find the best possible deal for you.

Why compare broadband?

What's the argument for comparing the options available? Well quite simply it's because every supplier and its deals and offer is different and your needs as a customer will be different from the next person.

The key reason for comparing is to match the right provider and package to your needs as an individual (or household if you are buying for your family). It's more difficult to argue to not to compare broadband, making a considered comparison just makes sense, pure and simple.

Before you start

Now that you've decided that you want to compare your options, you need to work a few things out for yourself beforehand:

What are your key motivators? - Are you only motivated by price? or is good technical support your need? What about speed and download allowances?

You have to be clear in your mind as to what you are after from the start as this will help you immediately begin disregarding deals that don't meet your criteria. Say you've decided that only a deal with unlimited downloads will do, then you can discard all broadband deals which are not unlimited.

Why pay more?

The number one motivator for most customers is price, they purely and simply want the cheapest price and it's hard to knock that motivation for most people.

However, we would just say that the old adage "you get what you pay for" can quite often be true. Not that a deal is bad just because it is cheap, but you may find that a super cheap deal does not meet all your requirements (unless of course you are willing to sacrifice every other factor just to achieve the lowest price). The best strategy for most people is to find the deals that match their criteria and then compare them by price, just starting off with price straight off the bat may lead you to choose unwisely.

Getting the best deal

Getting the best deal for you means having to do a little homework, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult, we are here to help you each step of the way.

Generally as long as you have the postcode of the property you want to get a broadband supply for then we can help, either via our postcode checker or over the phone. You'll soon have all the info you need to make a comparison, keep reading and we'll explain how to use that knowledge to best effect.

Things to compare

Price comparison approved by OfcomSome things are easy to compare:

  • Price - Easy at first glance, but always look at the full first year cost and, if the contract is for more than 12 months, look at the full monthly cost for the rest of the minimum term
  • Speed - Depending on where you live, the speeds that deals offer may vary a lot from the advertised headline speed, always use a postcode checker to see exactly what can be achieved at your house. If you have a BT line rental phone number then add this for improved accuracy
  • Download allowance - The higher the number of GB the more you can download per month. Unlimited deals have no limit in theory, in practice many have traffic management slowdowns at peak times (those that don't are labelled 'truly unlimited in our results).
  • Contract Length - Long contracts can often mean free connection or lower prices per month, but if you want to change providers or stop your service completely for any reason there will be a penalty to pay (read the smallprint when signing up to learn what this is, in many cases it can be the full cost of the remaining months).

Other things can be much harder to compare such as models of router that you may be sent to you when you sign up, and extras such as "security". To compare routers, consider whether they offer the 'N' rated wireless technology which gives faster connections and a greater range with compatible devices. For security extras, look into whether they're subscriptions to standard products installed on your home computer, like McAfee or Norton, or if they're provided by your provider as a parental lock against inappropriate usage on all devices.

You can use the table above to aid you in your comparison, click on the names of the deals for further information presented in a standard format, or click 'Go to site' to read the providers' own product pages.

Work out what you need

Most suppliers will happily take your cash in return for the service you choose, it's not in their interest to down-sell you, they will go for the up-sell at every opportunity.

So it's important to work out what you need so you don't end up paying for what you don't need. The key things to gauge right are:

  • Download allowance - The very cheapest deals tend to have small allowances, and the most expensive tend to have larger allowances. If you only use the Internet a few times a week then don't fork out for an unlimited allowance! Likewise if you are online watching video on demand every day then you really need that unlimited allowance and choosing a deal with only 2GB allowance per month will soon cause you problems.
  • Download speed - You may not get a choice on this one, but those with the good fortune to be in an area serviced by fibre optic broadband suppliers may find this an option. Quite simply just don't pay for speed you don't need and on the flip side if you need super-speeds then don't scrimp on the cost. Those who benefit most from fibre either have the slowest standard broadband speeds or a busy household with lots of family members or housemates using the same connection.
  • Add-ons - Many suppliers will try and provide add-on services such as access to wi-fi hotspots when out of the house. But if you don't use broadband on the move then this will be no use to you. With every add-on that your deal has remember it's something that ultimately you pay for, so a more no frills deal might be better for you.

Yet again it's a case of being prepared in your mind knowing what you do and don't want that will make the comparison much easier and quicker.

Things to watch out for

There are a few things that we know from experience you have watch out for:

  • Headline prices - Some deals come with great introductory prices, but after a certain amount of time the price is increased, so you need to look at the full first year deal cost to really be able to compare. Helpfully our comparison tables include first year cost, with set up, connection and equipment postage costs included.
  • Line rental - Unless you're buying Virgin Media cable, you're going to need a phone line for your broadband service to work. Many suppliers let you sign up for a bundle including line rental and calls and will even let you save more money by paying line rental a year up front. Click on 'More Info' links to see the full first year cost with line rental also added on. Some deals are 'stand alone', you still need line rental but you can shop around and find it from the very cheapest phone supplier, or just keep the provider you've always used.
  • Long contracts - Many providers will only make a profit on you if they lock you into a long contract, for some people this isn't a problem, but it's something you need to be aware of, especially if you plan on moving house soon and you may wish to go for a short contract broadband deal instead, it might cost more either upfront or per month but will allow you the flexibility of cancelling any time you wish.
  • Bundle features - To cut costs, some providers with phone bundles only offer inclusive weekend calls, rather than evenings and weekends, or may not offer any inclusive calling periods at all. Some may only allow inclusive 01, 02 and 03 landline calls, not 0845 etc numbers, or may charge for extras like caller display and directory enquiries. If you don't use your landline for calls, this may not be a problem, but don't get caught out assuming all phone services are the same. Similarly bundled television services aren't all alike, some may use your broadband service to provide TV channels, so might experience problems if other people in your household are using the connection. Others might not offer the ability to record programmes on their very cheapest package.
  • Small print - Watch the small print on every deal for hidden costs such as setup fees, high postage costs on "free" equipment and a whole host of other things that the provider is hoping you won't notice before you sign up.

Remember, once you have signed up you are in a contract and the only way to terminate will be to pay an exit fee, so make sure you fully understand the deal before you sign.

Reviews, the intangible comparison

It is of course easy to compare providers on the numbers; download allowance, price, speed are all simple to compare on, we don't need to explain how you do that.

But we all know that even if on paper two providers deals look identical, the experience of being a customer is going to be different with each supplier. In an ideal world everyone would sign up with the provider of their choice, everything would set up without a hitch, the service would be impeccable at all times and you'd never have a single problem. Whereas down here in the real world we know that this is most definitely not the case for every customer! So what's the best way to find out what the customer experience is with each provider? Well you simply have to browse our customer reviews, these are written by real customers of each provider (you can even leave your own for you current supplier if you like while you are there).

Always remember that people tend to be quicker to complain than they are to praise, and it's normal for there to be more negative reviews than positive. Always try and watch out for people with a vendetta, but browse a good number, you'll soon have a feel as to what a provider is like to their customers.

You can also compare the star ratings each provider has received covering satisfaction, reliability, speed and customer service.

If you'd like more guidance, we've prepared buyers guides for all the suppliers we list, at the bottom of each of their provider pages.

What's best in my area

The frustrating thing for many people is that unfortunately not all suppliers and deals are available in all areas.

Even within a small area there can be massive variations in speeds and types of broadband available and the capabilities. It's not unusual to see people on neighbouring streets receive huge variations in download speeds and even access to individual suppliers. There are even cases where one side of a street can get cable broadband and the other side can't!

this makes broadband a uniquely complex and localised product. Therefore it's really important to use our postcode checker tool to find out just what is available in your area, if you supply your BT line rental telephone number as well as your postcode we can be even more accurate.

We boil down what would otherwise be many hours of research into a 2 second form with your details and then we'll narrow down and filter our huge database of broadband products to leave you with just those deals available to you along with details of the capabilities of the different types of broadband in your area.

A good tip when using our comparison tables is to click the column headers as this will cause the table to sort the deals by the information in that column so, for example, clicking Usage will sort by monthly usage allowance with truly unlimited deals first, while clicking Reliability will give you those providers rated most reliable by users of our speed test and customer reviews.

If at any point you thing you could do with some friendly expert advice then you can call us up and speak to one of our advisers, they are all broadband experts and can even help you switch suppliers over the phone, a great service and one that's accredited by Ofcom who are the government communications regulator in the UK.

More Broadband Deals

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