Mobile Broadband Deals with Bundled Tablets

Mobile broadband contracts including a bundled laptop, netbook or tablet

Now really is the time to get mobile broadband, to make the deal even sweeter many deals now come with a free laptop meaning that you can get everything you need to get online with mobile broadband in one go. Check out the latest deals below!

Still got questions? Read our mobile broadband buyers guide.

Mobile Broadband Deals with Bundled Tablet Buyer's Guide

Getting a new tablet and mobile broadband contract in one can be a very tempting offer if you don't have the cash upfront to buy a tablet outright. Much as mobile phone contracts work you simply pay a monthly amount for a minimum contract period (usually 24 months) and at the end the tablet is yours.

The ever popular iPad and iPad mini make up the bulk of offers, but you may also find Android based tablets too.

However, there are a few things worth thinking about before committing yourself to make sure it actually is the best deal for you:

Do you also have home broadband? If you do then it may be cheaper to buy the tablet by itself and get a pay as you go SIM for when you are away from home as you can use your home WiFi network with the tablet for better speeds and cheaper downloads.

Tablets are easily stolen or damaged just like mobile phones, so make sure the deal comes with insurance, otherwise you’ll need to budget for additional insurance or make sure you home insurance policy will provide cover.

If a free tablet deal is still the best route for you then you can compare all the latest deals in the table below.


From £9 a month, upfront cost varies with tariff

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From FREE on a 24 month contract to full price on cheaper tariffs

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Device from £12 a month with varying upfront costs and contracts

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Virgin Mobile

Tablets with no upfront cost on 24 or 48 months contracts

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EE Mobile

From £10.80 on a 24 month contract to full price on cheaper tariffs

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