Mobile Broadband Coverage Checkers

How fast your mobile broadband connection is depends on factors like signal strength, protocols available and the number of other people using the service.

Each mobile broadband supplier providers a coverage checker allowing you to check any postcode for an indication of whether there'll be good coverage of each of the supported protocols. Discover whether your 2G, 3G, Advanced 3G or 4G signal will be strong enough to use indoors in all the locations you'll need it.

Links to each providers' coverage checker are below.

EE Mobile

4G+ in London, 4G coverage 93%, 3G 98%, Advanced 3G 80%

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4G coverage 70%, 3G coverage 92%

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99% coverage for 2G, 3G and 4G, 5G in over 12 major cities

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4G coverage 99.8%, 3G coverage 98.3%

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Virgin Mobile

Makes use of EE's cell towers, offering the largest UK coverage area

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