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Now really is the time to get mobile broadband, especially with the brand new, high speed 4G rolling out now across the country. As if download speeds of up to 40Mb in compatible areas isn't enough, many of these packages come with sweet iPad offers. Check out the latest deals below!

Still got questions? Read our mobile broadband buyers guide.

4G Mobile Broadband Buyer's Guide

Fourth Generation (4G) is the most recent mobile broadband system. Capable of speeds up to 40Mbps it will appeal to anyone who needs fast speeds on the move. However there are a few words of warning:

As it's such a new technology it is not yet as widely available as older services, so you'll find in non-4G enabled areas that your download speeds are no faster than normal 3G connections, so use coverage checkers on 4G providers sites before purchasing.

The faster the download speed the more you are likely to find yourself downloading and many 4G deals don't come with a great deal of included bandwidth which you may find yourself using up very quickly, so check to see what you'll be expected to pay for additional allowance when you've used up your inclusive amount.


4G deals from £14.55 a month, device cost varies with tariff

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4G available on all plans, select 4G device or SIM, 5G rolling out

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All Virgin Mobile portable WiFi devices and plans are 4G capable

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