Ultrafast Fibre to the Home broadband packages with speeds ranging from 30Mb to 900Mb

  • Ultrafast rural broadband
  • Faster than most competitors, with speeds ranging from 30Mb to 900Mb
  • Symmetric service offering upload speeds matching your download
  • Guaranteed prices for 18 months
  • No need for a landline
  • Free 24/7 customer support over the phone

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Gigaclear GO 30
£35.00 per month
18 month contract

£120.00 upfront cost

  • 30Mb average download & upload speeds
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • Comes with a free Genexis AC-rated wireless router
  • 18 months guaranteed price
  • Use code GO at checkout for £30 off activation
  • 18 month contract

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Gigaclear GO 300
£45.00 per month
18 month contract

£30.00 upfront cost

  • 300Mb average download & upload speeds!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • Comes with a free Genexis AC-rated wireless router
  • 18 months guaranteed price
  • Use code GO at checkout
  • 18 month contract

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Gigaclear GO 900
£75.00 per month
18 month contract

£30.00 upfront cost

  • 900Mb average download & upload speeds!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • Comes with a free Genexis AC-rated wireless router
  • 18 months guaranteed price
  • Use code GO at checkout
  • 18 month contract

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Reasons to choose Gigaclear

  • Ultrafast broadband - Few providers in the UK can match Gigaclear's fastest offering
  • Slower options available - If you don't need 900Mb, there are slower (and cheaper) options available
  • Guaranteed price - Your monthly price is guaranteed for the length of the minimum contract term
  • Speeds should be as advertised - As a fibre-to-the-home service, the real world speeds should come close to matching the advertised rate
  • Fast rural access - Gigaclear is considerably faster than most other rural providers
  • Very impressive upload speeds - The upload speeds match the download speeds: that's 900Mb on the fastest package!
  • Free customer support - Support is available by phone 24 hours a day
  • No landline needed - You don't need a landline to sign up for Gigaclear
  • High customer satisfaction rating - Gigaclear is rated best for speed, satisfaction and reliability 

Possible downsides

  • Limited coverage - Gigaclear is only available to around 40,000 homes
  • Complex installation - Installation involves a lot more than just plugging in a cable, and is expensive for the 5% of customers who don't qualify for standard install
  • High activation fee for GO 30 - The activation fee is £120, on top of any installation costs that 5% of customers are liable for
  • More expensive than rivals - Although the service is likely to be faster than its rivals, it's also likely to be more expensive
  • No short contracts - The minimum contract is 18 months on all packages, with one month's notice when you leave

Features at a glance

  • Averages range from 30Mb to 900Mb symmetric - that's 900Mb download AND upload!

  • 18 month contracts as standard, 1 month notice to leave

  • Truly unlimited usage allowances on all packages

  • Activation usually £30 or £120 for GO 30, standard installation is free but 5% of customers liable for professional installtion costs, subject to no obligation survey

4.2 stars
  satisfaction rating based on 100 customer ratings since 2017-10-20. See more Gigaclear customer ratings and reviews.

Details last checked on 2018-11-01

Customer Reviews

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving. Below are all the reviews we've received for Gigaclear.

Customer Ratings Summary

  • Satisfaction
    4.2 stars
  • Customer Service
    4.1 stars
  • Speed
    4.2 stars
  • Reliability
    4.2 stars

Based on 100 customer ratings since 2017-10-20

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Reviewer Location Reviewing Date Ratings
Absolutely a total waste of money,don't be taken in by hype around fibre,I'm on a 200 meg plan of which I'm lucky if I get 35mbs,I live in a rural location and was constantly fed up with buffering and picture freeze so I thought I would pay more to receive a package I thought would be enough to stop the buffering and make watching TV pleasurable again,how wrong I was I'm not much better now,don't waste your money on gigaclear go to someone like bt,if you don't take my advice you like me will be throwing money down the drain,this is my honest opinion
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Leckhampstead Gigaclear  
Thank you for the opportunity to give you my opinion with regards to your service
When the gentleman came and sold me the service I was told that this was the future
The old system provided by BT would not be able handle the increase in data we would encounter
and I needed to be prepared
I was impressed and taken in and signed up
Well when it was installed it was truly awful hardly any of the devises I had in the house got a signal
and the ones that did it was pretty naff
So I rang customer support to complain
I was told that it was because there was so much data that it couldn't cope
It was explained to me by saying it was like sausage meat going through a funnel so much going in but only a small hole for it to come through
and all I was advised was to buy some WIFI boosters and set them up around the house to improve the signal
So I had to buy extra boosters so that it worked which seems very strange to me considering I was told this was the best thing since sliced bread
I have installed 2 boosters but its still not that great and am thinking I might have to buy more not something I was expecting and certainly not something I ever needed
with BT
Please bear in mind I dont live in a mansion just a normal 4 bed semi
Problem is I am tied into a contract but I can assure you that when its finish your router will be consigned to the dustbin and I will go back to my old system

To summarise I am paying a lot more for something inferior to what I had before and to add insult to injury have had to buy addition items to make it work

Like I said on Trust pilot

  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    2 stars
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Milton Keynes Gigaclear  

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Gigaclear Buyers Guide

Can I get Gigaclear broadband?

Gigaclear is a rural broadband provider. It currently covers over 40,000 premises across a dozen counties, with funding to expand across other parts of the UK in future.

Gigaclear runs a fibre-to-the-home network, where the fibre cables run directly into your property. This can lead to a faster and more reliable service.

Most fibre providers in the UK use fibre-to-the-cabinet. Here, the fibre connection runs as far as your nearest street cabinet, and a copper cable is used from there to your home. This can result in you achieving far less than the advertised speeds, especially if you live a long way from the street cabinet (as is very often the case in rural areas). Such slowdowns should not be an issue with Gigaclear's service, although its coverage is much more limited.

Use our postcode checker to find out if Gigaclear is available in your village. If it isn't you can register your interest via the Gigaclear website. However, for the service to be considered for installation in your area it will need significant interest from the rest of your community, and you'll need to be within 3km of existing fibre infrastructure or another village that already has access to Gigaclear.

What packages are available?

Gigaclear has four fibre broadband packages available for residential customers. The main difference between the options is the speeds they offer.

The packages are:

  • GO 30 - unlimited fibre broadband with download and upload speeds averaging at 30Mb, with the option to upgrade to a 1Gb service for a 48hr period
  • GO 300 - unlimited fibre broadband with download and upload speeds averaging at 300Mb. There's an option to boost this to 1Gb for 48 hours, plus you can get a static IP address for a little extra each month
  • GO 900 - the fastest package offers an unlimited service, with upload and download speeds averaging at 900Mb. There's also the option to take a static IP address

All the packages are on a minimum 18 month contract with a guarantee that the price will not rise during that period, and come with an activation fee, 5% of customers will have to pay £120 installation, subject to a no obligation survey. Because installation for fibre-to-the-home services are more complex, these fees are somewhat higher than you'd normally expect to pay.

If you prefer to combine your broadband and phone into a single bundle you can add a voice over IP (VOIP) calls deal from Vonage. This uses your internet connection to make and receive calls, but you can usually keep your existing phone number. The main downside to a VOIP service is that it won't work if your internet is down, including if there's a power cut.

Which package should I choose?

Because there are so few differences between all the packages your main choice should be based on what speed you require.

The 30Mb package is likely to be plenty for most users. Assuming you achieve close to this speed, it's faster than you'd get from a basic fibre package from a provider that uses the Openreach network (and potentially faster than you'd get from a high end offering, too). 30Mb is enough for a few users to stream Netflix and iPlayer, or make large downloads, simultaneously.

The 300Mb is better for more demanding households and best suited for those who work from home, while the 900Mb offer is as fast as you can get in the UK.

The 300Mb and 1Gb packages also include the ability to choose a static IP address. Most users won't need this, but if you are self employed and need to access your PC remotely, want to run a server (such as your own email server), or are a heavy user of VOIP phone services, it can be worth looking into.

Before you sign up you should also make sure you're clear about the installation process. Installation requires a cable to be run from the fibre pot on the boundary of your property to the router inside your house. This means a hole will need to be drilled in your wall, and for concrete, paving or garden to be dug up outside. This will all be reinstated by approved installers, but installation can be quite expensive as a result. You can choose to install it yourself if you have the tools and know-how.

Points to consider before you choose

  • Is the service available in your area?
  • How fast are the other broadband services available to you?
  • Do you need fast upload speeds?
  • Are you happy to take out a 15 month contract?
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What do I get when I sign up?

It's good to know what you're getting when you sign up to a broadband provider, so you can budget for any extras you may need. In the case of Gigaclear, it's a strictly no-frills service.

  • Free wireless router - All users get a free Genexis Wi-Fi router designed specifically for fibre-to-the-home broadband.
  • Installation kit - If you opt to install the service yourself you'll get an installation kit including instruction guide and a cable up to 50m in length. If you need a longer cable you have to pay for it.
  • Parental controls - The free parental control software enables you to restrict what sites your children can view
  • Customer support - Free customer support is available by phone, 24 hours a day (via a standard rate number). Email support is also available.

What are the benefits of Gigaclear broadband?

So what are the best reasons for considering broadband from Gigaclear?

  • Fast rural internet access - Internet services in rural areas is notoriously terrible. If Gigaclear is available in your area it's all but guaranteed to be the best you can get, by some margin.
  • Unbeatable speeds - The 1Gb package is as fast as you can get in the UK. In addition, fibre-to-the-home broadband should deliver the advertised speeds.
  • Very fast upload speeds - With upload speeds that match the download speeds, the service is ideal if you share a lot of large files, or make video calls.
  • Guaranteed price - Your monthly price is guaranteed for the length of the 18 month minimum contract term, unlike many other providers who may institute price increases at any time with only 30 days notice
  • Standalone broadband - You can get Gigaclear without the need for a landline.
  • Unlimited access - All of Gigaclear's broadband packages come with no limits on the amount of data you can download.
  • Free tech support - Free customer support is available by phone whenever you need it.

What are the drawbacks of Gigaclear?

No service is perfect, so what are the possible downsides of choosing Gigaclear?

  • More expensive - Gigaclear brings ultrafast broadband to rural areas, but you do pay a premium for this.
  • Difficult installation - Fibre-to-the-home is a lot more difficult to install than the more common fibre-to-the-cabinet, and may even require concrete or paving to be dug up in your front garden. In most cases this is free, but 5% of customers will need full installation. You can do it yourself if you have the skills, while the price for using an approved installer starts at £120 (subject to a no obligation survey).
  • Very limited availability - Although Gigaclear is continuing to expand into more communities, availability is currently still very limited.
  • Few extras - The service comes with minimal extras.
  • High activation fee for GO 30 - there's a £120 activation fee for the 30Mb GO 30 package, cancelling out some of the cost benefits of opting for a cheaper monthly cost package.
  • Telephone service requires broadband - A VOIP phone service only works where broadband is available. This means you can't make calls - even emergency calls - when there's a power cut.