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National Average Speeds December 2014

Average download speeds see slight increase over December 2014, with major drop for Plusnet

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December 2014 saw average download speeds recorded by users of our Broadband Speed Test rise by 0.43Mb in comparison to the results from November, coming in at 22.65Mb. Average upload speeds remained stable at 4.01Mb.

Virgin Media's average download speeds have increased by 1.42Mb over last month to 43.56Mb, with upload speeds rising a little to 5.42Mb. BT Broadband remain in second place with average download speeds of 20.6Mb (increasing by 0.37Mb over last month) and upload speeds of 5.82Mb. Plusnet remain in third place, but with a significant 3.93Mb drop to 14.53Mb for average download speeds, and a 1.56Mb decrease to 4.04Mb for average upload speeds. TalkTalk move up to fourth place, with speeds increasing by 0.33Mb to 12.57Mb and upload speeds remaining stable at 1.71Mb. Sky drop down to fifth place with 12.15Mb download speeds, a small 0.36Mb decrease in speed since last month.

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TalkTalk with Netflix

Netflix coming to YouView from TalkTalk, plus fantastic deals over the Christmas period!

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Great news for TalkTalk TV customers! Netflix is the world's largest internet TV network, and it will be available on YouView early in the new year!

Netflix has a huge selection of popular movies and TV boxsets to choose from, with new titles being added all the time. With TV series such as Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, House of Cards and The Originals, movies including Skyfall, The Hobbit and The Hunger Games, and a great choice of kids' programming, you're guaranteed to find something to entertain you and your family.

Existing TalkTalk TV customers can pre-register for Netflix here, and if you're interested in signing up for a TalkTalk package, keep reading!

In addition to this, TalkTalk have some fantastic offers right now, including a free £50 Love2Shop voucher on all deals!

TalkTalk SimplyBroadband - FREE for 12 months!
TalkTalk Fibre Medium with SimplyBroadband - better than half price for 12 months!
TalkTalk Fibre Medium with Essentials TV - half price for 12 months!

Explore even more truly unlimited, half price TV and Fibre deals from TalkTalk!

Minimum contract 18 months. Love2Shop vouchers only available to switching customers ordering online. Fibre deals only available in fibre-enabled areas - use our postcode checker to find out if you can get fibre in your area. Line rental required at £16.70 a month, or £180.36 for a year up front. £5 delivery fee for the router.


National Average Speeds November 2014

Overall drop in average download speeds for November 2014, with speed increases for TalkTalk

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November 2014 saw average download speeds recorded by users of our Broadband Speed Test drop 0.62Mb in comparison to the results from October, coming in at 22.23Mb. Average upload speeds remained stable at 3.94Mb.

Virgin Media's average download speeds have decreased by 2.65Mb over last month to 42.14Mb, with upload speeds dropping a little to 5.32Mb. BT Broadband remain in second place with download speeds averaging at 20.23Mb (a drop of 0.69Mb over last month) and upload speeds of 5.23Mb. Plusnet holds third place with a minor 0.23Mb decrease to 18.46b for average download speeds, but a 0.72Mb increase to 5.6Mb for average upload speeds. Sky came in fourth place with 12.5Mb download speeds, a small decrease in speed since last month. Meanwhile, TalkTalk remain in fifth place, but are the only ISP in the top five to see an increase in download speeds, going up by 1.38Mb to 12.24Mb with upload speeds remaining stable at 1.52Mb.

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Work from home

TalkTalk Business Broadband perfect for your home office

Posted by Fiona Conner on in AnnouncementsOffersTalkTalk

With improvements in technology and speed of broadband, it's becoming increasingly common for people to work from home rather than travel to an office. Whether you’re an employee connecting to your employer from home, or self-employed and running a business from your home office, it's important to be able to rely on a robust, stable broadband connection.

While you may find your home broadband connection is adequate for your work from home needs, you might be surprised to find that a business broadband package can offer significant additional benefits and be a lot more affordable than you'd think. We've created a guide to guide to Home Office Broadband explaining all the features and advantages of using business broadband when you work from home.

TalkTalk Business offers a range of products to suit your business needs, all including unlimited usage. Their Simply product is ideal for home office workers or small premises while their Complete package adds free premise moves, business call features and up to 4 static IP addresses. Up to 76Mb fibre options provided where available.

Right now you can save up to £754* compared to BT Business Broadband with TalkTalk Business Fibre!TalkTalk Business

  • Simply Broadband - £4 per month, up to 17Mb download and up to 1Mb upload, 1 static IP
  • Simply Fibre - £19 per month, up to 76Mb download and up to 20Mb upload, 1 static IP
  • Complete Broadband - £10.50 per month, up to 17Mb download and up to 1Mb upload, up to 4 static IPs, free business call features
  • Complete Fibre - £25.50 per month, up to 76Mb download and up to 20Mb upload, up to 4 static IPs, free business call features

All prices exc VAT. Monthly line rental of £14.50 required on all packages. *See TalkTalk Business site for more details of BT Business Broadband comparison claims.


TalkTalk TV

Expired: There's still time for TalkTalk customers to upgrade to TV for Christmas

Posted by Edd Dawson on in ExpiredTalkTalk

Existing TalkTalk broadband and phone customers have until Tuesday the 17th of December to order an upgrade to TalkTalk's TV packages for delivery just in time for Christmas.

Customers can choose between Essentials TV or Plus TV packages. Both come with YouView 7 day catch up TV and the ability to pause and rewind live TV, add over 60 additional channels including Sky Movies and Sky Sports, and rent movies using TalkTalk Box Office and Sky On Demand. Plus TV also comes with the facility to record 200+ hours of Freeview TV using the YouView+ box.

Extra channels and on demand content can be added using monthly boosts, which can be easily added or removed without more than a month's commitment, and right now the Entertainment Boost is still half price for the first 2 months, which could be the perfect way to treat the family over the holiday season.

TalkTalk customers can also benefit from TalkTalk's range of mobile phone and SIM offers on TalkTalk Mobile. Just be sure to order by Thursday the 19th of December to leave time for Christmas delivery.

Minimum broadband line speed of 3Mb required for TalkTalk TV and 5Mb for TV Boosts. Installation and delivery charges may apply. 24 month contract applies to upgrades. Free equipment may be charged at £100 if contract is ended early. Give 48 hours notice to remove boosts. See TalkTalk site for full terms and conditions.


Entertainment Boost

Expired: TalkTalk TV's Entertainment Boost Now 2 Months Half Price

Posted by Fiona Conner on in NewsOffersExpiredTalkTalk

TalkTalk's great value TV bundles, which include phone services, truly unlimited broadband and TV services with Freeview, YouView, catchup TV, on demand and extra channels are now even better value with a promotion offering 2 months half price on the Entertainment Boost!

For only £10 extra per month, the Entertainment Boost adds an additional 33 channels to your TV service, including Sky 1 and 2, Sky Living, FOX, Universal, Watch, GOLD, Comedy Central and Discovery. And now for a limited period, you'll get your first two months of the boost for only £5 per month!

The boost is compatible with both of TalkTalk's TV bundles:

  • TalkTalk Essentials TV - £7.50 per month - Freeview + 7 day catchup TV + 30 minutes pause and rewind TV + evening and weekend calls
  • TalkTalk Plus TV - £15.50 per month - Record Freeview + 7 day catchup TV + pause and rewind TV + anytime calls + £30 shopping voucher

Other boosts are available adding up to 65 channels that aren't available on BT TV. You can also add Sky Movies and Sky Sports, with 5 decidated sports channels and 11 movie channels available.

On Demand services allow you to rent the latest Hollywood movies for 48 hours using TalkTalk Box Office.

TV services are available to both new and existing TalkTalk customers. Boosts can be added or removed on a monthly basis, just give 48 hours notice to remove a boost. Line rental is required, save by paying for a year up front, equivalent to £9.50 per month.



Make moving broadband easier when you move house with TalkTalk's Home Move Service

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Moving house is a headache, and involves a lot of paperwork, phone calls, and stress even without needing to worry about moving your broadband with you. You could always switch your supplier...but this will subject you to extra setup and cancellation fees, and ultimately prove no less of a hassle. Thankfully, TalkTalk provide a Home Move Service to make this go a lot more smoothly for you. It's all done online, so you can do it at a time to suit you, track the status of the move, and change dates if there are delays. It's also fast, if you have all the details ready already, and if you do the installation yourself, it's free. TalkTalk Home Move Service is there to make moving house that little bit simpler.

Find out more with our handy guide below.

Moving Your Broadband When Moving House With TalkTalk's Home Move Service.



Save money on the go - special offers on mobile internet for TalkTalk customers!

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Exclusively for TalkTalk home broadband customers, TalkTalk Mobile is a great way to make using internet on the go a more affordable and more satisfying experience.

TalkTalk Mobile allows TalkTalk customers to choose from a variety of great offers on smartphones. Current special offers include a Samsung Galaxy Y powered by Android Gingerbread free for only £5 a month for 2 years. Selected smartphones can also come bundled with a tablet! For example, you can acquire a Huawei Mediapad Youth with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini from just £10 a month, or Google Nexus 7 by ASUS along with a LG Optimus L3 or L3ii smartphone from £17.50 a month.

You can gain extra data allowance and more free minutes and texts by increasing the size of your contract plan for only a small additional cost per month. All these contracts come with double data allowance (or triple data allowance on some plans!) of up to 4GB when purchased online!

Existing TalkTalk customers can also take up a SIM-only mobile contract for mobile internet via smartphone*, tablet* or USB dongles. TalkTalk SIM-only mobile comes with a variety of different deals to suit you, with different data allowances and different contract lengths available.

For a time-limited period, TalkTalk are offering double data allowances when you buy online! This means that medium SIM-only contracts with 500MB data allowances now allow up to 1GB, and large SIM-only contracts with 2GB data allowances allow up to a massive 4GB! This is in addition to the 300 free mins on medium contracts or 1000 free mins on large contracts. Both contracts also come inclusive with 3000 free texts!

That's not all! Choose a 12-month contract, and get a reduced price per month - only £5 per month for 1GB data plans, and £12.50 per month for 4GB data plans, saving £2.50 each month on your contract for the first 12 months.

If you'd prefer a 1-month contract, it's just £10 a month for medium contracts and £17.50 a month for large contracts.

But hurry, because these offers end soon!

Do you think TalkTalk SIM-only mobile is for you? Get more information and sign up!

* = SIM-only offers are not compatible with iOS devices.

Offers valid as of April 8th 2014.


TalkTalk Essentials

Take advantage of limited-time offers on TalkTalk Essentials

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TalkTalk Essentials provides download speeds of up to 14MB (or up to 76Mb if taken with a Fibre package) alongside upload speeds of up to 448kb, while download/upload allowance is truly unlimited, ideal for families, or individuals who enjoy streaming video, allowing you to use the Internet to your heart's content!

This deal includes a 4-port wireless router, and TalkTalk HomeSafe to help protect every device connected to your TalkTalk broadband at no extra cost. It also comes with free technical and customer support.  

New customers signing up to TalkTalk Essentials before 24th July 2013 will benefit from 6 months free line rental, saving as much as £39. This time-limited special offer also applies £50 welcome credit to the first bill for new and reactived lines, so hurry before it's too late!

The TalkTalk Evenings & Weekends call plan is included in this package, providing you with free evening and weekend calls.

The TalkTalk Essentials package is currently free for the first 6 months, and then £6.50 a month after that. Line rental is required at £14.95 a month, or £9.50 a month if you pay for the year up front. There is no connection charge.

Do you think TalkTalk Essentials is for you? Get more information and sign up!


TalkTalk Big Free

The Big Free - 3 months free TV, broadband and calls from TalkTalk!

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If you're looking for a TV service that's more affordable than most major TV providers and has more features than standard Freeview, then you might want to consider signing up for TalkTalk's Plus TV package, and take advantage of 3 months free TalkTalk TV, broadband and calls offer.

The Plus TV package gives customers access to 69 TV channels and unlimited access to over 4000 shows and films, along with 7 day catchup with BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Demand 5. The package comes with a free YouView box (worth £299) which allows you to record 200+ hours of TV, and pause and rewind Freeview channels.

You can also get the Plus TV Starter Boost included free for the first 3 months, and then £5 a month extra. This boost adds seven Sky channels to your TV package: Sky 1 & 2, Sky Arts 1 & 2, Sky Living, Sky Livingit, and Sky Sports News. Want even more channels? There are other Boosts available for an extra monthly fee, including Boosts for sport, movies, entertainment and kids.

The Plus TV package also includes unlimited broadband and TalkTalk Anytime calls, meaning you can combine TV, broadband and phone into one handy bill. And, as some icing on the cake, new customers signing up for the Plus TV package will also be eligible for a £50 high street shopping voucher!

The Plus TV package is free for the first 3 months, and then £15.50 a month after that (£20.50 if you choose to continue with the TV Starter Boost). Line rental is required at £14.95 a month, or £9.50 a month if you pay for a year up front.

Do you think TalkTalk Plus TV is for you? Get more information and sign up!