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National Average Speeds December 2015

Average fixed line download speeds remain stable over December 2015, average mobile broadband speeds see minor increase

Posted on 2016-01-08 12:21 in Announcements News 4GEE Hyperoptic Vodafone TalkTalk Three O2 Virgin Media BT Post Office Plusnet

December 2015 saw average download speeds for fixed line providers recorded by users of our broadband speed test remain stable in comparison to the results from November, coming in at 20.56Mb. Average upload speeds saw a 0.15Mb drop to 3.68Mb.

Of the big 5 home broadband providers, Virgin Media remained in first place but their average download speeds appear to have levelled out since rolling out their 200Mb service, remaining stable at 46.57Mb, with upload speeds at 5.66Mb. BT Broadband retain second place with average download and upload speeds steady at 17.58Mb and 4.42Mb respectively. TalkTalk move up to third place, with download speeds stable at 12.8Mb and upload speeds dropping by 0.21Mb to 1.86Mb. Plusnet drop into fourth place, dropping by 0.59Mb to 12.6Mb for average download speeds with a 0.39Mb decrease to 2.85Mb for average upload speeds. Finally, Sky remain in fifth place with a 1.1Mb fall in download speeds to 10.92Mb, while their upload speeds decreased by 0.41Mb to 2.47Mb.

Results from users testing with mobile-enabled devices including phones and tablets suggests that mobile broadband speeds saw an overall rise since November. Taking mobile broadband separately from home broadband, EE Mobile retain first place, with download speeds increasing by 1.1Mb to 17.55Mb and upload speeds holding at 3.87Mb. Vodafone are in second place, seeing download speeds fall slightly by 0.19Mb to 13.76Mb and upload speeds steady at 2.82Mb. O2 are in third place with download speeds at 11.78Mb - a respectable 1.4Mb increase over last month - and upload speeds at 2.53Mb. Three are still in fourth place, with average download speeds of 9.84Mb and upload speeds of 2.56Mb.

When mobile broadband and home broadband average speeds compete on the same table, 4GEE is head-to-head with BT's second place with a difference of only 0.03Mb. 4GEE and Vodafone mobile broadband sit in overall 3rd and 4th places beating all home broadband providers' averages bar Virgin Media and BT. This suggests that 4G broadband may have higher uptake levels relative to 3G compared to uptake of the fastest possible fibre broadband products relative to cheaper options.

This month's supplementary broadband providers table (see page 4 of the report) found Post Office Broadband had the UK's slowest broadband speed overall with only 2.55Mb average downloads and only 0.33Mb average uploads. Hyperoptic was fastest overall with 102.1Mb average downloads and 92.13Mb uploads.

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Direct Save Telecom

Bargain Broadband for just 95p from Direct Save Telecom!

Posted on 2015-12-21 16:48 in News Offers Direct Save

Direct Save Telecom are already one of the cheapest broadband suppliers out there with their £1.95 broadband and calls package. However, this hasn't stopped them from introducing a new, cheaper deal! They now offer a fantastic unlimited broadband contract for only 95p a month!

This deal is on a 12 month contract and comes with a free wireless router. It also features an only pay for the calls you make phone package, charged at the standard Direct Save call rates. This is ideal for those who primarily use the inclusive minutes on their mobile phone contracts to make calls and don't want to pay extra for landline call features they simply won't use.

While you will need to pay £17.75 line rental a month, you can reduce these costs by paying £138 for a year up front, making it the equivalent of only £11.50 a month!

Interested in this deal? Head on over to Direct Save Telecom to sign up! Looking for a deal with a phone package or fibre broadband? Check out the other offers from Direct Save Telecom!

Only available within Direct Save Telecom's low cost network area, more expensive packages are available for those outside of their network area. One-off setup fee of £24.95 applies along with £8.95 delivery fee for the router. Calls to UK landlines cost 15.75p to connect and then 9.5p a minute.


Sky: Choose a £100 reward or an LG 32" TV

Expired: Record Breaking Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

Posted on 2015-11-27 18:04 in News Offers Expired 4GEE Hyperoptic TalkTalk Sky BT Plusnet

Despite not having celebrated a family holiday yesterday, Britain still gets to enjoy America's traditional equivalent to the January sales, Black Friday, with headline grabbing special offers available not just today, but all weekend and on Monday too.

This year several broadband suppliers have jumped onto the Black Friday bandwagon and are offering some record breaking special offers, some of the best we've ever seen.

Sky TV have a rewards blowout with a choice of high value rewards including a free 32" LG TV or a LG Soundbar on Broadband and TV bundles and the option of a Galaxy Tab 4 tablet computer with standalone broadband for new customers!

Plusnet have brought back one of their best ever offers, adding an additional £75 cashback on their 12 months free broadband on a 12 month contract offer, meaning that you actually earn back £68 over the first year! You do need to pay Plusnet for a phone line, but this is as cheap as £15.49 monthly equivalent when paid upfront.

TalkTalk have slashed the all in monthly cost of their broadband for the first year with 12 months half price line rental on top of 18 months free broadband on an 18 month contract! So that's just £8.85 all in monthly cost for a year. What's more the line rental discount applies to TalkTalk Fibre and TalkTalk Plus TV too which are both half price for a year!

If you're looking for mobile broadband offers, 4GEE's Black Friday weekend offer sees both their popular portable WiFi devices FREE and a monthly contract with 50GB of data only £25 per month!

And if you're lucky enough to live in one of Hyperoptic's connected buildings, you can get their ultrafast and hyperfast broadband free for the first 3 months with a £100 Amazon voucher reward!

Check out which offers are available where you live or call 0800 093 0405 to speak to one of our advisers. Hurry, all offers end soon!

Offers only apply to new customers of the relevant broadband provider who sign up online who do not need a new telephone line or number. Minimum contracts apply for all deals. Line rental required on all but Hyperoptic's deals. Setup costs and additional charges may apply. Offers may be restricted to particular coverage areas. Rewards must be claimed online after activation. One reward per household. Unless otherwise stated, offers are valid until the end of 2015-11-30. Offers may be withdrawn or amended at any time. Click through to the providers' websites for further details, terms and conditions and confirmation of eligibility.


National Average Speeds October 2015

Average download speeds increase over October 2015, Virgin Media see gains with 200Mb rollout

Posted on 2015-11-05 10:22 in Announcements News 4GEE Vodafone TalkTalk Three O2 Sky Virgin Media BT Plusnet

October 2015 saw average download speeds for fixed line providers recorded by users of our broadband speed test rise by 2.76Mb in comparison to the results from September, coming in at 21.88Mb. Average upload speeds saw a 0.4Mb increase to 4.65Mb.

Virgin Media's average download speeds rose by 6.31Mb to 48.66Mb, with upload speeds also improving to 6.64Mb. Virgin have recently begun rolling out their 200Mb service for new and existing customers, which accounts for the significant increase in download speeds.

BT Broadband retain second place with average download speeds increasing by 1.32Mb to 18.84Mb, and upload speeds increasing by 0.45Mb to 5.59Mb. Plusnet hold third place, remaining stable at 15.09Mb for average download speeds with only a 0.33Mb decrease to 4.25Mb for average upload speeds. TalkTalk stay in fourth place, with download speeds at 12.89Mb and upload speeds at 2.32Mb. Finally, Sky are in fifth place with a 0.87Mb rise in download speeds, putting them at 12.76Mb, while their upload speeds increased by 0.38Mb to 3.64Mb.

With the recent improvements to our speed test, we're now able to record results from mobile users on their phones and tablets. EE Mobile are in first place, with download speeds averaging at 17.81Mb and upload speeds at 5.36Mb. Vodafone are in second place, with download speeds at 12.95Mb and upload speeds at 3.79Mb. O2 are in third place with download and upload speeds at 11.03Mb and 3.81Mb respectively. This leaves Three in fourth place, with average download speeds of 9.03Mb and upload speeds of 3.45Mb.

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media's new VIVID ultrafast broadband sees top speeds boosted to 200Mb downloads

Posted on 2015-10-14 12:29 in News Offers Virgin Media

Virgin Media were already the fastest of the big broadband providers, but since the 1st of October they've become even faster! With the introduction of the new hybrid fibre-coaxial VIVID packages, Virgin Media customers can enjoy download speeds of up to 200Mb!

The speed difference compared to fibre-to-the-cabinet competitors is thanks to Virgin Media's DOCSIS 3 technology. Their insulated coaxial cable houses a thicker copper core and is run directly into your home. This means that there's much less signal loss than there is over the copper phone lines used by most fibre broadband providers, so the speeds you can get are much faster and you won't experience slowdowns with distance from Virgin's street cabinets. The launch of VIVID sees tweaks to the protocol and technology used to get even more speed out of Virgin's existing hybrid fibre-coaxial network.

Interested? Why not use our postcode checker to see if you can get Virgin Media in your area, then check out the following better than half price deals!

VIVID 100 plus Phone Weekends - £9.99 a month for the first year
VIVID 200 plus Phone Weekends - £14.99 a month for the first year

Want to add a Virgin Media TV package, currently reduced in price for 9 months? VIVID Big Bundles start from only £19.99 a month. The Big Bang package comes with 130+ channels and VIVID 100. If you want the faster VIVID 200 speeds, then the Big Kahuna bundles come with over 230 channels, while the Big Daddy has over 260!

Existing customers can also benefit from the faster speeds with the option to opt into a speed increase rolling out between the 1st of October and June 2016, with 90% of customers expected to have the option available by the end of 2015. Customers on slower speed tiers are also expected to see a boost in upload speeds.

Looking for a cheaper Virgin Media package or standalone broadband without phone or TV bundled in? Explore the rest of the packages that Virgin Media have on offer!

Broadband discount offers for new customers only. Time limited introductory offers. Products only available in Virgin Media cabled streets - use our postcode checker to find out if this is available in your area. £49.95 set-up fee applies to standalone broadband packages. Line rental required for phone and TV bundles at £16.99 a month, or £164 for a year up front.


Student Broadband Guide

Looking for broadband at university? Our Student Broadband Guide tells you all you need to know!

Posted on 2015-09-04 12:52 in Features Offers

With the Summer holidays coming to an end, it's time for new and returning students to head off to university. A decent broadband connection is vital for student accommodation these days, as so many aspects of university life rely on it. But many students only need to stay connected during the academic year and head back home for the summer months. This makes long contracts a waste of money as you either have to keep paying for the whole year, or incur fees for leaving your contract early. Luckily many unlimited broadband providers have 9 month offers designed just for student houseshares that also take into account your limited student budget. 

  • BT Student Broadband: Sign up with your student email address to take advantage nine month contracts on both BT Infinity and standard copper broadband.
  • Sky Student Broadband: You don't need to be a Sky TV customer to take advantage of their student deal - just pay for line rental, and get truly unlimited up to 17Mb broadband free for the nine month contract.
  • TalkTalk Student Broadband: TalkTalk are offering their usually 18 month contract SimplyBroadband package on a 12 month contract with 12 months free, exclusively for students. Includes a £50 Love2Shop voucher*.  Pay line rental a year up front to save even more.
  • Virgin Media Student Broadband: If you can get Virgin Media in your area, then you can benefit from their ultrafast speeds on a 9 month contract. Suitable for even the busiest student homes.

However, you don't necessarily need a student-specific package to cover your needs. Plenty of broadband providers offer short, monthly contracts that also fit the bill. We've put together a guide that gives you all the information you need to know about student broadband, with a list of all the deals that suit your requirements as a student.

Check out our Student Broadband Guide!

*Voucher only available to new customers who order online, switch from BT, Sky or Plusnet and keep their existing landline phone number.


TalkTalk with £50 shopping voucher

Get SimplyBroadband from TalkTalk free for 18 months!

Posted on 2015-08-18 15:38 in Offers TalkTalk

If you're in the market for a new broadband contract, TalkTalk are currently offering their SimplyBroadband package as free for 18 months - it's an offer so good that TalkTalk are calling it the Boss of Broadband Deals! With the SimplyBroadband package, you benefit from speeds of up to 17Mb and a truly unlimited download allowance. You'll also get a free Super Router, HomeSafe® online protection, and free calls to other TalkTalk customers. Sign up before midnight of the 21st of August, and you can also claim a £50 Love2Shop voucher, which can be redeemed in a number of popular high street shops!

Sign up for TalkTalk SimplyBroadband today, FREE for 18 months!

Interested in fibre broadband deals or TV packages? Explore TalkTalk's range of truly unlimited, reduced price deals!

Minimum broadband contract 18 months. Free broadband offer ends midnight, 28th September. Voucher offer ends midnight, 21st of August. Love2Shop vouchers only available to customers switching online from BT, Sky or Plusnet and keeping their existing landline number. Speeds dependent on location and distance from local exchange - use our postcode checker to find out what's available in your area. Line rental required at £16.70 a month, or £180.36 for a year up front. £6.75 delivery fee for the router.


TalkTalk with £50 shopping voucher

Expired: TalkTalk Fibre Flash Sale - reduced price broadband for 18 months!

Posted on 2015-08-04 16:20 in Offers Expired TalkTalk

If you're shopping around for a great fibre deal, then TalkTalk's fibre flash sale could be exactly what you're looking for. With TalkTalk's fibre offer, you can enjoy unlimited superfast broadband for just £7.50 a month with free connection! What's more, the special introductory price lasts for the entire duration of the 18 month contract, not just the first 12 months! This package can also be stacked with TalkTalk's current £50 Love2Shop voucher deal, which can be redeemed in a large range of popular high street retailers. So hurry to take advantage of these money-saving offers!

Sign up for TalkTalk Fibre today for £7.50 a month!

Can't get fibre in your area? Interested in a broadband deal that comes with TV package? Explore a range of truly unlimited, reduced price deals from TalkTalk!

Minimum fibre broadband contract 18 months. Offers ends midnight, 13th of August. Love2Shop vouchers only available to customers switching online from BT, Sky or Plusnet and keeping their existing landline number. Fibre deals only available in fibre-enabled areas - use our postcode checker to find out if you can get fibre in your area. Line rental required at £16.70 a month, or £180.36 for a year up front. £6.75 delivery fee for the router.


TalkTalk with free Netflix

Expired: Get TalkTalk TV Plus with free Netflix for 6 months!

Posted on 2015-07-14 17:07 in Offers Expired TalkTalk

For a limited time only, TalkTalk are offering 6 months free Netflix (worth £44.94) when you sign up to their Plus TV package! As soon as your TV service is live, TalkTalk will send you a code to redeem at Already got a Netflix subscription? Don't worry, you can simply extend your subscription for 6 months by adding the code that TalkTalk will supply to your existing Netflix account!

Sign up for TalkTalk Plus TV with 6 months free Netflix today for £10 a month!

The Plus TV package lets you enjoy over 70 Freeview channels (including some in HD), record 200+ hours of TV, provides access to many on demand channels, plus much more! It also comes with truly unlimited broadband, Anytime calls, a free YouView recording box, a TalkTalk mobile SIM, and free connection. The Netflix offer can be stacked with both the current £75 Love2Shop voucher and 18 months half price deals. So hurry to take advantage of these great deals or explore even more truly unlimited, reduced price TV and Fibre deals from TalkTalk!

Minimum broadband contract 18 months. Netflix offer ends midnight, 23rd of July. Love2Shop voucher offer ends midnight, 16th of July. Love2Shop vouchers only available to switching customers ordering online. Fibre deals only available in fibre-enabled areas - use our postcode checker to find out if you can get fibre in your area. Line rental required at £16.70 a month, or £180.36 for a year up front. £6.75 delivery fee for the router.


Direct Save Telecom

Direct Save rebrands to improve customer experience

Posted on 2015-06-03 12:20 in News Direct Save

Direct Save have recently revamped their website to make it easier on the eye and to navigate around so that customers can easily find what they're looking for. The new-look website that works smoothly on both computers and mobile devices also makes the process of buying broadband from Direct Save much simpler, be it online or over the phone.

Direct Save offer a range of products to customers, including basic broadband and phone bundles, Fibre Optic broadband, and Fibre to the Home in selected areas. They are also one of the few Internet Service Providers who provide no contract ADSL broadband, allowing customers to control their account on a month by month basis, making these packages ideal for people in short-term accommodation and for students in need of cheap broadband.

Interested in taking a broadband package from Direct Save? Why not browse through the deals available, including three months free on selected Fibre products!