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Primus Spring Special offers unbeatably low prices

Posted on 2012-04-06 19:17 in Offers

Primus have released a new Spring Special offer that makes the UK's lowest priced broadband and phone provider even cheaper!

Offering 20GB of broadband usage with inclusive evening and weekend calls for only £1.20 per month, the Spring Special represents unbeatable value! Unlike other low price special offers, £1.20 isn't an introductionary price, you'll pay this for the entire 12 month contract and beyond!

Primus Spring Special

£12.79 line rental standard monthly line rental applies. Only available in Primus network areas.


Virgin Media

Virgin Media launch a new range of Collections

Posted on 2012-04-06 18:41 in News Offers

Virgin Media have revamped their TV, broadband and phone bundles, creating a new range of Collections. Each Collection offers super fast broadband of 30Mb or higher, Virgin Media's cutting edge TiVo service and a wide range of TV channels and on demand conent. The higher end Collections offer a great deal of additional channels and perks including an extra V HD box to view TV in a second room of your home. Each Collection has a range of additional options and upgrades available to suit a variety of customer needs:

Virgin Media Essential Collection
Virgin Media Premiere Collection
Virgin Media VIP Collection

Virgin Media TV, Broadband and Phone is also available without the bells and whistles with the new Starter Bundle:

Virgin Media Starter Bundle

The revamp corresponds with Virgin Media officially increasing their minimum download speed to 30Mb and their mid range packages to 60Mb. Customers interested in the 100Mb packages can take advantage of a price drop down to the level of Virgin Media's previous 50Mb range. That's twice the speed for the same price. Available stand alone or with a Virgin Media phoneline:

Virgin Media 30Mb Broadband

Virgin Media 60Mb Broadband
Virgin Media 100Mb Broadband

Virgin Media 30Mb Broadband plus Phone Weekends
Virgin Media 60Mb Broadband plus Phone Weekends
Virgin Media 100Mb Broadband plus Phone Weekends

Line rental £13.90 a month. Roll out of faster speeds is in progress and will continue throughout 2012.


National Average Speeds March 2012

Virgin Media speed increases drive up average UK broadband speeds

Posted on 2012-04-03 17:03 in Announcements News

March 2012 saw average download speeds recorded by users of our Broadband Speed Test increasing in comparison to the levels achieved in February's result, coming in at 10.73MbAverage upload speed increased to 1.48Mb.

Increased speeds are likely in large part due to the start of Virgin Media's roll out of double or better speeds for cable customers, which will continue throughout 2012 affecting all but their 100Mb service. Virgin Media's average download and upload speeds have increased significantly by 1.98Mb to 19.63Mb with upload speeds seeing a small increase to 2.48Mb. The trend sees Virgin Media's average download speeds increasing by 4Mb over the last two months.

Fibre to the Cabinet provider Eclipse maintained second place despite seeing a small decrease in average download speed to a 11.51Mb average and upload speeds to 1.77MbBT Broadband held third place and made speed gains, with download speeds averaging at 9.47Mb and upload speeds at 1.75Mb.

The best performing non-fibre-based provider was again BE and O2 (who share a common infrastructure) in at 5th place with 6.08Mb average download speed over their Local Loop Unbundled ADSL2+ service. Plusnet came in at 4th place at 7.27Mb, a significant gain on previous months, but this is likely due sign ups for their competitively priced FttC Plusnet Fibre product.

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EXPIRED: Three months free on TalkTalk Essentials and Plus Packages

Posted on 2012-03-15 14:46 in Offers Expired

TalkTalk are offering 3 months free on their Essentials and Plus packages with free standard setup and a free wireless router.

TalkTalk Essentials
TalkTalk Plus

For those in fibre-enabled areas, you can get TalkTalk's Fibre Optic Boost for an extra £10 a month with both Essentials and Plus packages.

TalkTalk Essentials with Fibre Optic Boost
TalkTalk Plus with Fibre Optic Boost

Line rental required at £13.80 a month, or save £51.60 by paying for a year up front.



Updated: Four months free broadband with Plusnet Value and Extra phone packages

Posted on 2012-03-09 17:39 in Offers

Update: As of the 27th of March, customers signing up for these deals can also claim £25 cashback in addition to four months free.

Plusnet are offering four months free on both Value and Extra broadband when taken with a phone package.

Plusnet Value with Home Phone Anytime
Plusnet Extra with Home Phone Anytime
Plusnet Value with Home Phone Evenings & Weekends
Plusnet Extra with Home Phone Evenings & Weekends

Evening & Weekends package inclusive, Anytime call package £3.50. Line rental required at £12.99 a month. Cashback must be claimed in the first three months.


National Average Speeds February 2012

Broadband speeds continue to rise over February

Posted on 2012-03-01 15:48 in Announcements News

February 2012 saw average download speeds recorded by users of our Broadband Speed Test increasing in comparison to the levels achieved in January's result, coming in at 9.32Mb. Average upload speed remained stable at 1.36Mb.

Virgin Media's average download and upload speeds have increased significantly by 2.3Mb to 17.65Mb and upload speeds were stable at 2.43Mb.

Fibre to the Cabinet provider Eclipse made an impressive recovery from their January drop, increasing their average download speed to a 12.27Mb average and upload speeds to 2.09Mb. BT Broadband also see improvements, with download speeds averaging at 8.57Mb and upload speeds at 1.54Mb.

The best performing non-fibre-based provider was again BE and O2 (who share a common infrastructure) in at 4th place with 6.03Mb average download speed over its Local Loop Unbundled ADSL2+ service.

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