High speed broadband providers see significant speed increases, non-fibre broadband remains stable

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National Average Speeds April 2012

April 2012 saw average download speeds recorded by users of our Broadband Speed Test continuing to increase in comparison to the levels achieved in March, coming in at a staggering 14.13MbAverage upload speed increased to 1.9Mb.

Increased speeds are likely in large part due to the start of Virgin Media's roll out of double or better speeds for cable customers, which will continue throughout 2012 affecting all but their 100Mb service. BT Broadband's Infinity 2 will also be having an effect on speeds. Virgin Media hold steady at first place, and average download and upload speeds have increased significantly by 5.16Mb to 24.79Mb with upload speeds seeing a small increase to 2.6Mb.

 BT Broadband take second place this month with their own significant speed gains. Download speeds are up by nearlt 4Mb this month, averaging at 13.4Mb and upload speeds are up by over 1Mb at 2.91Mb. While Fibre to the Cabinet provider Eclipse has dropped to third place, their average download speeds have increased by over 1Mb to 12.83Mb and upload speeds to 2.24Mb.

Plusnet came in at 4th place at 6.96Mb, a slight drop from last month. The best performing non-fibre-based provider was again BE and O2 (who share a common infrastructure) in at 5th place with 6.09Mb average download speed over their Local Loop Unbundled ADSL2+ service.

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