Privacy Policy

At we take your privacy and the security of your personal information seriously. is a broadband comparison website offering informative articles about broadband, listings of broadband providers’ details and offers, and tools to allow the testing of broadband speeds and the comparison of available broadband services within a postcode area or to a particular telephone number. Visitors may also choose to leave reviews for broadband suppliers, to contact us for advice via web interface, email or telephone, or to subscribe to an email newsletter offering additional useful information about broadband. is presently owned and operated by Broadband Tools Ltd. This privacy policy governs the privacy of users who choose to make use of Please read this policy carefully. We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. The last change was published on the 6th of June 2014.

Information we collect and how it is used

In order to offer our services to you we may have to collect certain information about you and pass this on to our trusted partners and service providers.

By providing this information to us, you agree to its storage, transfer and processing as outlined in this privacy policy. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee the security of the data you may choose to enter into our website. Any information you supply to us is provided by your own discretion and given to us at your own risk.

Please exercise due caution when interacting with email addresses, social media accounts and web pages purporting to be connected to our website. We will never ask for financial details or sensitive information such as passwords.

Neither we nor our partners will contact you unless you have requested that we do so. We will never sell on, rent or distribute your data to others so that they can contact you without your permission, unless we have been required by law to do so. Any data we collect is solely used to provide you information about broadband services that you have requested, to smoothly refer you on to a service provider you have asked to visit, or to help improve the accuracy and quality of the service provided to all our visitors.

Postcode, phone number and IP address collection for broadband availability and testing

We may ask for your postcode and optionally your landline telephone number when offering our broadband comparison and testing services or offering help with technical problems. Unless you have asked for extra investigation, this information is used only to look up the availability of broadband products and services in your area. It will not be used to contact you. We use trusted third party API services to look up broadband availability information for the postcode and/or phone number you supplied to us.

Speed tests will record your detected IP address, your tested speed and any other information you entered on the form during this or previous visits within the last 30 days. Your saved information is held in a cookie and will be displayed on the form, you may click a link to change (forget) this data if you wish. We use a trusted third party reporting supplier to record the details of speed tests. We may also optionally request your postcode during speed tests in order to supply you with useful comparative information about the broadband speed estimates, products and services available in your area, as above.

Neither we nor our service providers will use the information collected to identify or contact you, unless you have specifically asked for this, for example through our web forms such as when requesting that we investigate a technical problem you have experienced.

Postcodes, phone numbers and other information from logs may from time to time be used for testing purposes when ensuring that our website continues to give high quality accurate results for a range of real world geographical and phone line details.

We may aggregate and collate the data we record from availability lookups and speed tests in order to publish reports on the state of broadband in the UK. These reports may be derived from details recorded from your form data, your detected IP address or geographical information derived from your postcode. These reports may report on trends in broadband nationally, across specific broadband providers, specific types of broadband or specific broad geographical areas etc. They will not identify individual site users.

Email address, phone number and personal information collection when you request for us to contact you

If you request that we email you a copy of your checker results, your email address and the name you gave us will be used to send you a copy of your broadband availability including any postcode and phone number you entered. Details of emails sent are stored by our server. We will not contact you further unless you have requested that we do so.

Our email newsletter is an opt in service, you may subscribe directly through sign up forms or by an opt in tick box on other forms, in which cases you will be sent a confirmation email. If you have requested that we do so, our agents may also subscribe you to the list directly. While you are subscribed to the newsletter, we may contact you to provide you with details of broadband offers and promotions, including related services, we may also contact you about news stories related to broadband and about changes to the content and features of our website.

We may request that you also give us your postcode and/or phone number when you subscribe to our mailing list, as outlined above, these are only used for broadband availability lookups, so we may provide you with more relevant information about products and offers available in your postcode area or to your phone line, or to inform you of changes in the availability of broadband where you live. If you signed up for the newsletter through our speed test, we may record this information and whether your tested speed was slower than expected, and use this to offer more relevant emails.

By subscribing to our newsletter you are agreeing to be contacted by email and to have your details stored by our mailing list supplier, including supplementary information used to offer you more relevant emails. Our mailing list services are provided using a trusted third party service, MailChimp, who will store your details and track the links that you have clicked in emails to allow us to monitor the success of our campaigns. Our emails may contain promotional, sponsored or advertising content, but we will make every effort to ensure that this is accurate, useful and relevant to you. We and our service provider comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations 2003 and other UK legislation relating to marketing emails. You can manage your subscription to our mailing list, including amending your details or leaving the list entirely, by use of the MailChimp website, by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails or by emailing us to request that we remove you from the list. MailChimp's privacy policy can be viewed here.

Our telephone consultation service is supplied by a trusted third party supplier, SimplifyDigital, who are also Ofcom Price Comparison Accredited. By phoning our helpline or by entering your details into the Call Back booking form you are agreeing to be contacted by SimplifyDigital. Your information may be passed between and SimplifyDigital and passed on to broadband suppliers to whom you have agreed to be referred or subscribed. SimplifyDigital's privacy policy can be viewed here.

From time to time we may offer competitions in partnership with trusted third parties such as broadband providers, if so your details may be passed to those third parties. We or our partner will only record the information necessary to administer the competition and will only ask for further details, such as those needed to send you your prize, if you are drawn as a winner. Terms and conditions of the competition will be supplied before you enter.

Personal information collected when you leave us reviews or testimonials, or contact us to give feedback or ask for advice

If you contact us through a web form or via our Ask The Expert email service or other email addresses, the details that you sent are stored on both our web server and on our email server. We may use parts of the messages you send us to help answer questions from other users of our services, or to produce frequently asked questions or other web, email or downloadable materials designed to help other visitors to our site. All identifying details will be removed and your message entirely anonymised before it is published, or if not we will seek your express permission.

When helping to solve technical problems with your broadband, we may ask for further information such as your street address, your broadband provider, your tested broadband speed, when you began your contract, or details of how your home broadband setup is configured. Street address information will only be used for broadband availability and status lookups when a postcode or phone number is not adequate. We will not ask for any unnecessary information, nor will we pass your contact details on to others without your permission.

If you send us positive feedback, we may ask your permission to use this feedback as a testimonial to be published on our site, in marketing emails or other promotional materials. All testimonials published on our site had the express permission of our users, or of the users of the third party service provider involved.

Our web contact forms and live chat services are run by trusted third party service providers, as is our email server. These service providers will not contact you for any purpose unless you or we have requested that they do so on our behalf. We and our service providers keep logs of messages sent through forms including the name and message you entered, the URL you were visiting from, your IP address and the web browser you used.

Reviews that you submit to us are stored on our website and vetted by a moderator. Approved reviews will be displayed publicly on the website under the name and location you gave and will indicate the broadband provider you reviewed. We reserve the right to edit reviews for length or to remove identifying, libellous or inappropriate content, or to refuse reviews for any reason. Reviews containing links will not be displayed. We may opt make your review a feature review and give it additional prominence on our site or include it in the content of our email newsletter or other promotional materials. We may contact you by the email address that you entered if there is a problem with your review or if we wish to use your review for any other purpose than those outlined here. We will not contact you further unless you have requested that we do so.

During the speed test or while leaving a review of your provider you may optionally rate the quality, reliability, customer service and speed of your broadband service. This information is collated and used to provide star ratings to help other visitors to our site make better comparisons between broadband suppliers. Ratings recorded during speed tests will not be displayed to other site users except as part of an average score. Ratings entered during a review will be displayed alongside your review.

Please refer to our review guidelines for more details.

Tracking of the pages you visit and the links you click, and personalisation using cookies

Our web server stores the URLs it has been visited from, as do trusted third party analytics and tracking services used to keep track of which links are clicked and ensure that we're offering an effective service. This tracking may make use of cookies to distinguish between new and returning visitors, this information is tracked and recorded for statistical purposes. In order to ensure that results can be bookmarked and returned to, postcodes and phone numbers entered in our checker form are visible in these URLs. Neither we nor our tracking and analytics providers will use information encoded in checker URLs to identify you unless you've separately contacted us and asked us to investigate a problem with the results you've received.

From time to time we may use trusted third party tracking and analytics tools to test improvements to our website, serving different variants to different visitors and recording the performance of both. This tracking makes use of cookies to determine which version of the site to show to which users, and to determine whether the improvements have been successful.

We use our own tracking, trusted third party referral services and direct partnerships with certain broadband providers to keep track of which broadband products you sign up for after clicking through to other sites. This tracking may involve the use of time limited cookies. This allows us to track which types of offers and promotions are of most interest to our visitors, and to receive commission that allows us to continue to provide this website and its services.

When we link to other websites it should be noted that we do not have control over or responsibility for these other sites and cannot guarantee or verify their contents, despite our best efforts. Other sites will have their own differing privacy policies and terms and conditions, as such you should review these before trusting those sites with your personal information.

We may make use of social networks and social sharing tools provided by third parties. You may choose to use these social tools at your own discretion. Please note that social networks may track your usage of these tools and the sites with which you engage. Communication and interaction through social networks are governed by the privacy policies and terms and conditions of each respective social network, and may be tracked, recorded and displayed to other social network users.

By visiting with cookies enabled, we assume that you want to use the services we offer, and that you accept our use of cookies. Cookies may be used for tracking, referral and personalisation purposes, such as remembering limited details and preferences between visits to improve your experience when returning to the site. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for further details.

Your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998

We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and recognise your rights under this act to contact us in writing to ask for details of the information held by about you.

A small administration charge may be requested for this service. If you require us to delete or correct your personal information then we will do so.

Please inform us if any of your recorded personal details have changed, for example if you are subscribed to our newsletter and your email address or postcode have changed. If you believe that any information we have recorded is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know and we will make any necessary corrections.