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333 Customer Reviews for Shell Energy

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Absolutely useless, ok taking your money, even engineer fee £54, which I wasn't aware off, had problems yesterday, emailed, no response, refuse to call as not freephone number.
Since being in approximately 16.00 till now 19.20, wifi gone off 9 times, having to use my own data and no certain TV, think its ombudsmen if no call tomorrow.
Kent Shell Energy  
OMG!the worst company every. I have only been with them less then a month and all i have to say is i got nothing, but problems after problems. I wish i stayed with Talk talk ..i try to save a few pounds and end up with more problems then i ever had with any other company. ATAY WAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!
London Shell Energy  
STAY CLEAR AT ALL COSTS!! Worst company I've ever dealt with. I had no broadband at all, due to a fault at their end. I cancelled after the 3rd day after numerous phone calls & they had a cheek to charge me £110 for it!!
Heckmondwike Shell Energy  
The worst ever service we have had. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!
They have mined the cooling period off in the small prints. Be very careful.
Because of their faulty router, we had had to change the provider quickly due to home work and kids' online learning. They now won upon us with the Ombudsman Services as there is nothing wrong in their small prints (who would read those?), and will now charge us about £120 pounds for early cease fee and early termination fee.
I fought. I lost.
They won. But shamelessly.
Such a big company. Such a dirty trick.
Someday someone will punish them.
Salford Shell Energy  
At the beginning - I was very happy, because of the price for broadband service in First Utility. But then, just after cooling period, my internet connection has started to dropping down every day about 30-40 times in random moments. Of course I have reported that problem immediately to them, and they were "trying" to "solve" that issue. After 4 engineers visit, couple complains, official "Resolver" complain and thousand of internet drop outs and about 11 weeks after first problem report to First Utility, I have decided to change broadband provider, because actual was not really cared about my connection problems. Before I done that, I have asked First Utility through "Resolver" to confirm, that they will not charge me for that cancellation. The only answer which I have received about "not charging" me was:

"We are very sorry that we still haven't resolved this for you and can appreciate your request to cancel without fees."
"If we are unable to reach an agreeable level of service after this escalations, then we will of course review matters with regards to the termination charges."

Of course they failed to reach "agreeable level of service", but after when I have sent them message with information, that (again) engineer did not solved the problem, so I am going to terminate this contract immediately - no one answered me, but they decided to charge me for about 300 qiud, for "early termination", because it is not their fault, that the connection is screwed up, and they do not really give a damn about this.

That is the model of First Utility business - force you to terminate your contract, so they can earn money faster just by charging their former customers for early contract termination.

Mordor Shell Energy  
Coming from a measured 40Mbps BT fibre to First Utility Standard Broadband.
The activation date was set for 4th of Dec 2018.
From the start the speed was comparable to dialup modem pace: 0.3Mbps to 0.4Mbps. I gave it a couple of days and it was still running those speeds. Their website insinuates they have a chat feature, giving you the impression you will be chatting to a human being, except you are not. There are only a few set responses, none of which are useful.
It is very difficult to get hold of a contact telephone number. I did manage to find an email address ( I emailed through my concerns and issue along with a screenshot of the my speed test.
On the 6th of December I did manage to find a telephone number in the end.(01926 320700). A recorded message immediately says that they are experienceing a high call volume today. I have now realised that this high call volume message is permanent, which you can draw your conclusions from. I got through to Techsupport, who unsurprisingly said it was the first 10 days of the contract and that the line would speed up.
On the 11th of Decemeber I called again and I explained to the agent the issue and he agreed the BB was running slow and with errors. Pointing out that I had reported this via email he then managed to find my email, and having seen my speed test took the opportunity to ask for a further 2 test over the course of the next two days.
On the 13th of Decemeber I called again. The agent explained that Openreach had been notified of the issue on my line and that it might take 24hrs to 48hrs get a response from them and something about we have to be sure that the line has got a problem before they have a look at things.
On the 15th of December I called again. The agent did not seem to bothered about reading the case notes, but decided to run through some troubleshooting steps. They were: Turn the router off. Reset the router using a pin. Pulling the RJ11 out of the socket. The agent then concluded there was sufficient evidence that a site engineer was required. The visiting windows of Morning or Afternoon would need to be chosen and I explained that I would need time to get home. It was explained that the engineer might call up 30mins before, but it was not guaranteed, and that if I was not at home I would be charged. Having scared me by saying I should be ‘working with’ to fix the BB issue I concluded that the agent was using the engineer visit tactic to make me feel the BB issue was moving along so I chose to change the subject and asked the agent to read the case notes of my problem; nb the first thing a TS agent should be doing before working on a problem for obvious reasons. She then changed tack and said Openreach were aware of my BB problem and acknowledged there was an issue with the line. I told her I would call back on Monday.
On the 17th I called for an update. I was told that Openreach would make a site visit, but I was not required to be present. Apparently they would walk around my street and make a visual inspection.
On the 19th of December I received an email requesting for a site visit. I need to provide 3 times of availablity and need to pay attention to TRC’s (Time Related Charges) These are charges that I need to pay so First Utility can recover any unneccessary Openreach engineer’s time. Keep in mind their first TRC is: If no fault is found at the time of appointment. Considering I came from a working BT infinity service, I suspect no fault will be found, and again I am suspicious as to why they appear to be wanting to send an engineer around other to make it appear things are moving forward with the fault.
I have reluctantly made a complaint to first utility. And will be waiting for first contact from a member of their ‘dedicated’ first utility complaints team.
Although the communication between myself and first utility has been civil, I can not help feeling this company have a typical 1990’s style of customer service. First Utility; probably not first.
Basildon Shell Energy  
Rude customer service, miss lead, broadband is unreliabily and very slow. Never ring you back when they say, don't deal with companys
Shrewsbury Shell Energy  
Internet is appealing ... drops out on the tv every 5 seconds or so ... 1 hour programme, even on non peak time, ends up taking 1.40 hours ...

Can no longer work from home as internet is so appalling ...
Fareham Shell Energy  
I carnt even give any ratings not that I would give them any stars not eve half a one there customer service is terrible and we were supposed to be connect 10 days ago and are still not now because I’ve put a complaint in they want to send an engineer in which they say will incur costs up to £130
North tyneside Shell Energy  
Just joined broadband ok but found out they charge for 0300 and some 0800 calls won't let me leave contract been whith them 2 months
Great edstone Shell Energy  
If I could give less than 1 star I would. Complete garbage. My order has been put through 3 times now, 9 days after the first request I still have no broadband. Don't even have the router. Quick enough to set up the direct debit though & take the cash!
Sheffield Shell Energy  
A total bag of excrement it has not given me anything near the speeds advertised it is always buffering and when I finally managed to contact their "Technical people" I was expected to monitor my broadband for 24 hours on the normal socket and then monitor it on the test socket for a further 24 hours and compare the two and give them the results.
I would leave them now but am tied into a contract with exit penalties so what can I do?
Stockport Shell Energy  
I got my broadband and it was advertised maximum speed 10 MB but I am I cannot get even one MB I called them and they say if I want to cancel I have to pay £115I cannot see the sample video on my Facebook my mobile Internet is much faster than their broadband they’re absolutely rubbish company and I advise do not go for shell broadband energy
You are wasting your time and money and you’re absolutely liar
West Midlands Shell Energy  
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