New guide to help with moving your broadband when you move house

Moving your broadband when you move house

Moving home is daunting enough with arranging moving dates, packing, getting your belongings safely to a new location, and hoping that all the financial gubbins goes through smoothly so you can actually get into your new house as planned. The hassle of what to do about your broadband on top of all that is a stress that none of us really want to deal with. Making the decision of what to do then phoning up customer services, explaining the situation, relaying all the necessary information over the phone, arranging all the dates... it's all a recipe for one giant headache.

To help make the process a little easier for you, we've revamped our guide to moving your broadband when moving house to help you make the best decision for broadband at your new home and make it as easy as possible to move your broadband to your new home, whether you're signing up with a new provider or taking advantage of your existing provider's Home Move service.

We've gone into detail about the type of process, problems, gotchas and unexpected delays or charges you might experience during a broadband home move, and we've also provided handy bulletpoint summary sections to help when you're in a rush.

We've even gathered together details of the procedure for moving home for each of the home broadband providers we list, so you can quickly find exactly where on your provider's website you need to look or which phone number you need to call to set your broadband home move in action.

Read the new guide here: Moving Your Broadband When Moving House

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