Student Broadband Buying Guide

Student Broadband

Students rely on Internet access. Be it registering for courses, receiving important news via email, downloading course content, researching their subject or submitting coursework, much of their work takes place online. Combine this with their usual online activity and social networking, and it becomes vital that they have a good Internet connection available in their digs.

There's a lot to consider when finding and moving into student housing. Signing up for an appropriate broadband package that's suitable for student use on a student budget can be a daunting task. We've put together a new a comprehensive guide to student broadband to help make the research and buying process easier.

The guide covers issues such as contract length, price, considerations of shared housing and the best packages to choose if you enjoy gaming. It also features ten hand picked broadband deals that are especially suited to student households and looks at the strengths and pitfalls of using mobile broadband for student use.

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