Zen Unlimited Fibre 2 with Line Rental

Averages 66Mb download speed

Zen's superfast Fibre Optic Broadband services offer download speeds of "up to 76Mbps" and upload speeds of "up to 19Mbps". These superfast broadband services will ultimately allow you to do more, faster.

You will be able to do things like stream HD video content without buffering or pauses and enjoy multiple services around your home from a single connection.

AC-Rated Wireless Router
Add unlimited inclusive anytime minutes for an extra £6.51 a month with Line Rental Plus

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Speed Usage Contract Setup 1st Year Cost

£34.99 per month

truly unlimited 12
£19.99 £440


  • £19.99 total setup cost
    £19.99 activation fee (additional £48 activation charge applies to new lines), no delivery charges

  • Averages 66Mb download speed
    Averages 17Mb upload speed
    Your provider should give speed estimates before you sign up
    Average Speed is the speed achieved by 50% of customers on the same product during peak hours of 8pm to 10pm

  • £439.87 first year cost

  • Truly unlimited download/upload allowance

  • Minimum contract 12 months
    You should be informed of any mid-contract price rises and then given 30 days to optionally leave your contract without penalty

  • Telephone line must be switched to Zen, line rental included in the monthly cost

  • Static IP Address

  • AC-Rated Wireless Router

  • Zen Home Talk

  • UK based Customer Service & Technical Support

  • Email anti-virus protection

If you live outside of Zen's network area you will be offered to sign up with a more expensive package over the phone.

Zen Home Talk Call Plan

19p connection fee applies to all non-inclusive calls. 087x/084x numbers may have an additional service charge, dependent on who you are calling.

Period Local Calls National Calls Mobile Calls 0845 Calls 0870 Calls Freephone Calls
All Day 15p/min 15p/min 15p/min 15p/min 15p/min Free

About Zen

  • Multi-award winning broadband
  • UK-based technical support staff who don't use scripts
  • 1 month rolling contracts with all standard broadband deals
  • Standalone broadband available - including fibre
  • Truly unlimited usage on fibre broadband and large allowances on standard
  • Rated the most reliable out of all suppliers on Broadband.co.uk

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Reasons to choose Zen Broadband

  • Reliable - as a primarily business-focused provider, Zen prioritises reliability and technical support. As such, they're rated most reliable of all suppliers on Broadband.co.uk
  • Technical support - Zen's support staff are UK-based and work from technical knowledge rather than scripts
  • Fibre packages available - speeds averaging 55Mb download and 17Mb upload available in enabled areas
  • Standalone fibre packages - Zen are one of the few providers that don't require you to switch your line rental and calls to them for their fibre products
  • Rolling contracts on all standard broadband - for no additional charge, all ADSL-based products come with a contract with no minimum term; just give a month's notice to cancel at all time
  • Truly unlimited usage with no traffic management slowdowns available on fibre and ADSL
  • Phone bundles - all deals come with the option of line rental and pay for what you use calls. Anytime calls can be added by taking out Line Rental Plus
  • Award winning products and customer service - Ten year winner of PC Pro's Best ISP Award and Which? Magazine's recommended broadband and phone services supplier April 2013
  • Faster in the evenings - due to being a business-focused provider, Zen's network has a 'peak time' during working hours and actually sees a slight speed increase in the evenings
  • Static IP addresses included as standard

Possible downsides

  • No short contracts on fibre - however 12 months is among the shortest contracts any provider offers for this service
  • No inclusive phone calls - there is no evening or weekend inclusive calling period on Zen's phone bundles, you just pay for the calls you use, or pay an extra £6.31 a month for anytime calls
  • Low peak time speeds - Advertised average speeds achieved by 50% of customers between 8pm and 10pm are significantly lower than most other providers using equivalent technology
  • Premium service - Zen prioritises reliability and quality of service over offering the very lowest prices


Zen details last checked on 2020-03-23