Zen Unlimited Broadband with Line Rental

Averages 10Mb download speed

AC-Rated Wireless Router + no activation fee
Add unlimited inclusive anytime minutes for an extra £6.51 a month with Line Rental Plus

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01706 902 950
Speed Usage Contract Setup 1st Year Cost

£32.99 per month

truly unlimited 1
Free £396


  • No setup costs
    No activation, equipment or delivery charges (free for switchers, £48 for new connections)

  • Averages 10Mb download speed
    Averages 1Mb upload speed
    Your provider should give speed estimates before you sign up
    Average Speed is the speed achieved by 50% of customers on the same product during peak hours of 8pm to 10pm

  • £395.88 first year cost

  • Truly unlimited download/upload allowance

  • Minimum contract 1 month

  • Telephone line must be switched to Zen, line rental included in the monthly cost

  • Static IP Address included, up to 8 available

  • AC-Rated Wireless Router

  • Zen Home Talk

  • UK based customer and technical support

  • Email anti-virus protection

  • Zen Internet have published a Traffic Management Policy

You are viewing the version of this deal available with a 1 month contract. There is a cheaper, longer contract and more expensive setup version of this deal available with a 12 month contract.

If you live outside of Zen's network area you will be offered to sign up with a more expensive package over the phone.

Zen Home Talk Call Plan

19p connection fee applies to all non-inclusive calls. 087x/084x numbers may have an additional service charge, dependent on who you are calling.

Period Local Calls National Calls Mobile Calls 0845 Calls 0870 Calls Freephone Calls
All Day 15p/min 15p/min 15p/min 15p/min 15p/min Free

About Zen

  • Multi-award winning broadband
  • UK-based technical support staff who don't use scripts
  • 1 month rolling contracts with all standard broadband deals
  • Standalone broadband available - including fibre
  • Truly unlimited usage on fibre broadband and large allowances on standard
  • Rated the most reliable out of all suppliers on Broadband.co.uk

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Reasons to choose Zen Broadband

  • Reliable - as a primarily business-focused provider, Zen prioritises reliability and technical support. As such, they're rated most reliable of all suppliers on Broadband.co.uk
  • Technical support - Zen's support staff are UK-based and work from technical knowledge rather than scripts
  • Fibre packages available - speeds averaging 55Mb download and 17Mb upload available in enabled areas
  • Standalone fibre packages - Zen are one of the few providers that don't require you to switch your line rental and calls to them for their fibre products
  • Rolling contracts on all standard broadband - for no additional charge, all ADSL-based products come with a contract with no minimum term; just give a month's notice to cancel at all time
  • Truly unlimited usage with no traffic management slowdowns available on fibre and ADSL
  • Phone bundles - all deals come with the option of line rental and pay for what you use calls. Anytime calls can be added by taking out Line Rental Plus
  • Award winning products and customer service - Ten year winner of PC Pro's Best ISP Award and Which? Magazine's recommended broadband and phone services supplier April 2013
  • Faster in the evenings - due to being a business-focused provider, Zen's network has a 'peak time' during working hours and actually sees a slight speed increase in the evenings
  • Static IP addresses included as standard

Possible downsides

  • No short contracts on fibre - however 12 months is among the shortest contracts any provider offers for this service
  • No inclusive phone calls - there is no evening or weekend inclusive calling period on Zen's phone bundles, you just pay for the calls you use, or pay an extra £6.31 a month for anytime calls
  • Low peak time speeds - Advertised average speeds achieved by 50% of customers between 8pm and 10pm are significantly lower than most other providers using equivalent technology
  • Premium service - Zen prioritises reliability and quality of service over offering the very lowest prices


Zen details last checked on 2020-03-23