Fixed Line Broadband Availability in the Hull Area

Hull is a special case for broadband and telephony due to not being covered by British Telecom. To find out how this affects broadband, read on.

Broadband and telephone lines in the Hull area are supplied by Kingston Communications aka Kcom and the ISP KC. Although Kcom have opened their network to other providers, currently no third party suppliers have found it economically viable to move into the area due to the non-standard cabling Kcom uses.

Hull Broadband Buyers Guide

Most of the fixed line products listed on this site are provided over either a BT phone line or via Virgin Media's cable network, as such these are not available in the Hull area.

If you're in the Hull area, your best option for fixed line broadband is Kingston Communication's KC ISP.

If you don't wish to go with KC, you could also try mobile broadband deals. A full list of mobile broadband products that should be available in the Hull area are listed below.

The mobile broadband provider EE has upgraded much of the Hull area to double speed 4G offering a compelling alternative to KC. The 4GEE coverage checker will allow you to determine if your postcode area is covered. Other mobile broadband providers will be rolling out 4G coverage during 2014.

Your other option is satellite broadband, such as products sold by the Satellite Broadband provider Europasat. These products are available everywhere in the UK albeit with a very expensive connection and equipment cost.


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