Change Broadband Provider

Learn all about transfering your broadband ISP

Not sure how to change your broadband connection from one supplier to another? This guide shows you how easy it is to switch broadband providers.


If your current broadband supply contract is nearing its end, switching providers is straightforward. Most of the main providers of broadband signed up to a code of practice designed to reduce delays in 'migrating' to another broadband provider.

The transfer system works in a similar way to the porting of numbers between mobile phone providers whereby your current provider gives you a transfer code that your new provider will use to transfer you swiftly. The broadband transfer system code is called a migration authority code or MAC. Once this code has been passed between providers, transfer should resume without interruption to your service.

Should you want to change from one provider to another do not cancel your connection with your current provider. Let the MAC system make the connection changes for you and the current provider will cease to serve you.

Here's the facts

Migrating to another broadband supplier is a great way of saving money as you can choose that better deal that suits you.

Now that you have your feet wet with broadband you know what you want from the supplier (speed, price, download limit).

What is a MAC code?

A Migrations Authority Code is issued by your current ISP (internet service provider). This code is used then to authenticate the migration request from your current ISP to your new ISP and makes migration between providers much simpler and quicker.

You should not cancel your account with your current ISP as it may result in broadband being cancelled on your telephone line. This would make it difficult for you to transfer your service and you would need to order broadband from scratch. Let the ISPs do it all for you. Your current provider may even try to entice you with a free upgrade to keep your business.

How long does it take to change provider?

It currently takes about a week to change to your new provider. This can vary from one provider to another; its worth getting an estimate from your old ISP. Your new ISP should provide you with a date for the transfer of the service.

Once the broadband network have confirmed to your current ISP that your connection has been transferred, your current ISP should make the necessary arrangements to prevent further subscriptions being debited from your old provider.

Steps to success

There are four simple steps to success when changing broadband provider:

  1. Contact your current provider and request a MAC code to transfer they may haggle with you to keep your business
  2. Remember, dont cancel the old service
  3. Search for the best deal on
  4. Sign up with a new provider and give them the MAC code during sign up.

Thats it! Your service should be transferred smoothly in a about a week or so.

Still got questions or concerns? Check out the list of common worries and concerns in our switching broadband suppliers guide.