John Lewis Broadband

Straight forward broadband from John Lewis with an emphasis on reliability, honesty and quality customer service

  • Free UK-based quality customer service
  • Bundled phone service with inclusive calling
  • Option of truly unlimited broadband available
  • Up to 38Mb fibre broadband available
  • Rural and remote areas pay the same as urban and central

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John Lewis Broadband Standard with Talk Evenings and Weekend
Free for 6 months
£11.00 thereafter

Line rental £13.50

  • Free for 6 months!
  • 20GB monthly usage
  • Other calling plan options available
  • Free UK-based customer support
  • Free PC or Mac security suite
  • Free set up for switchers
  • Free connection
  • 12 month contract

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John Lewis Broadband Unlimited with Talk Evenings and Weekend
Free for 6 months
£18.00 thereafter

Line rental £13.50

  • Free for 6 months!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • No traffic management
  • Free UK-based customer support
  • Free PC or Mac security suite
  • Free set up for switchers
  • Free connection
  • 12 month contract

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John Lewis Broadband Fibre with Talk Evenings and Weekend
Free for 3 months
£25.00 thereafter

Line rental £13.50

  • Free for 3 months!
  • Up to 38Mb download speed
  • 100GB monthly usage
  • Free UK-based customer support
  • Free PC or Mac security suite
  • Free set up for switchers
  • Free connection
  • 12 month contract

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Reasons to choose John Lewis Broadband

  • UK-based customer services - get support from a guaranteed UK call centre using a freephone telephone number
  • Same price everywhere - Regardless of where you live, you'll get John Lewis' lowest prices
  • Truly unlimited broadband available - the up to 16Mb service is available with the option of truly unlimited usage with no caps or traffic shaping
  • Fibre package available - speed of up to 38Mb available in enabled areas
  • Phone service included - choose between a range of inclusive call packages including an international calling option

Possible downsides

  • Not the cheapest option - John Lewis have prioritised quality UK-based customer service and fairness of pricing over offering the cheapest price in any area
  • Limited options - Only the up to 16Mb service can be taken with truly unlimited usage and only up to 38Mb fibre broadband is available, not the faster up to 76Mb service
  • No standalone broadband - Line rental has to be taken from John Lewis and you have to take at least an evening and weekend call plan
  • No short contracts - The only contract option is 12 months

Features at a glance

  • Up to 16Mb ADSL and 38Mb Fibre download speeds

  • 12 month contracts

  • Truly unlimited download allowance available on ADSL broadband, 100Mb usage cap on Fibre

  • Free connection on existing phonelines

  • Free 24/7 UK customer support

  • Comprehensive PC security package from BullGuard included

  • All deals come with free N-rated wireless router

  • Range of inclusive landline minutes available with every deal

  • Same price offered wherever you live

Details last checked on 2015-03-20

Customer Reviews

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving. Below are all the reviews we've received for John Lewis Broadband.

Customer Ratings Summary

  • Satisfaction 3.5 Stars
  • Speed 2.5 Stars
  • Reliability 3.5 Stars
  • Customer Service 4 Stars

Based on 100 customer ratings since 2014-02-19

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Ratings are left by users of our speed test as well as by reviewers. Recent star ratings summarise the last 12 months of ratings or the last 100 placed, whichever is largest.

Reviewer Location Reviewing Date Ratings
Took ages and many interactions to get phone and broadband set up following my house move. Have had regular problems since then. I endorse what others have said about waiting time to speak to a support person, and the 'on hold' music is excruciating - not what I expect from John Lewis. The service level is way below what I expect from John Lewis. Given that I could have gone direct to Plusnet for less money, I am very disappointed.
Paula Norwich John Lewis Broadband 2015-03-14  
Cannot believe the poor broadband speed. Made mistake of changing from BT (great speed, poor customer service) to JL broadband and am regretting my move. Now stuck for 12 months until I can change back. I would not recommend JL at all.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
Iain Lincolnshire John Lewis Broadband 2015-02-21  
If you're considering moving to John Lewis broadband because of the brand reputation for quality and customer service, THINK AGAIN. The move into phone and broadband must have been a disaster for JL and if I was in charge of brand I'd be getting out as quickly as possible. As their customer I will be getting away from them as quickly as possible. Service is AWFUL. Response to dealing with problems is AWFUL. Yes their call centre is based in the UK but I've seen more competence from call centres everywhere else than I've had from John Lewis. And it's only possible to get them on a free phone number, fine if you've got a landline but if they've cut off your landline and you're calling from a mobile you'll spend a fortune. Which they won't refund you for. To sum up JL broadband in three words: AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
left in the lurch London John Lewis Broadband 2015-02-05  
I after many years with BT I migrated to John Lewis Broadband because of cheaper advertised prices and the excellent customer service received at their stores.
Unfortunately it's been a disaster: fibre line speed is less than before - 60% worse for upload, customer service is terrible - John Lewis stores don't want to know about problems and JL Broadband doesn't care nor resolve issues.
Since I moved in December 2014 there have been 4 outages, including one today for 4 hours and counting.
I can't wait for my year's contract to expire so I can return to BT.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 3 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
Steve Port Talbot John Lewis Broadband 2015-01-31  
Somewhat of a let down for the John Lewis brand....
The customer service is great when you talk to somebody - all the agents have been thoroughly helpful - however you need to call them far too often. The speed is ok sometimes but is frequently dropping to an unusable level. For fibre I'd strongly recommend going elsewhere and given our phone has had a line fault for the majority of the last 6 months I can't recommend the phone either. Overall: terrible.
  • Satisfaction 2 Stars
  • Speed 4 Stars
  • Reliability 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
TW London John Lewis Broadband 2015-01-11  
Don't touch them with a bargepole. The most unreasonable and unhelpful company I've had the displeasure to deal with. I ended up pulling out just before the cooling off period finished and even then they made things difficult and wouldn't acknowledge my request and tried to direct debit money from my account.

You have been warned.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 3 Stars
  • Customer Service 3 Stars
AL Warwick John Lewis Broadband 2014-12-31  
I signed up for Fibre broadband with them a month ago and to date still no service. I have had a clueless BT engineer turn up, have spent hours on the phone with the Plusnet customer support and have been given a modem and am now on the second router. Still no service. Have now given up and will try to get my money back and go with Virgin.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
Lou A RG31 John Lewis Broadband 2014-12-15  
Absolutely appalling customer service from a company that boasts of its reputation in dealing with customers. I suggest that they may wish to review there partnership with Plusnet or lose loyal customers. I will never again shop with John Lewis in any respects.A shame after 20 years. Reputations are quickly lost.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 3 Stars
  • Customer Service 3 Stars
William Draper Devon John Lewis Broadband 2014-12-05  
For the higher price we expected a better customer service from John Lewis however the service is no better than a much cheaper provider. Yes you speak to a uk call centre but only if they answer the phone - after about 5pm it will take an average of 13mns to get an answer. Overall all companies seem to be the same -at the mercy of Openreach and therefore you should just choose the cheapest provider.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 2 Stars
  • Reliability 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
Linz Dorset John Lewis Broadband 2014-11-28  
I wish I had read the other negative comments before I signed with John Lewis Broadband as my experience echoes theirs. OK at first, and then when the connection started dropping-out, so did the customer service. All the things listed by other users I experienced: broken promises; engineers not turning up (at all); compensation promises renegaded on and so forth. I chose John Lewis because of their reputation, as a brand, for customer-service and I think that 'their' broad-band is likely to do them considerable reputational damage. Do not sign up to this service (especially at the 'premium' price which they charge - it is a disaster).
  • Reliability 3 Stars
  • Customer Service 2 Stars
BB North East John Lewis Broadband 2014-10-24  


John Lewis Broadband Buyers Guide

Can I get John Lewis Broadband?

John Lewis, well known for their quality homewares since 1864, have now branched out into broadband services. John Lewis Broadband prides itself on offering customers the same high quality customer service and the same price deals no matter where they live.

This means that unlike most other ISPs, you are able to get the same ADSL (standard) broadband packages whether you live inside or outside areas where some suppliers have installed their own equipment at the telephone exchange. As a result, you can get the same price broadband package halfway up a hill in the Pennines as you could in Central London.

However, John Lewis Broadband’s faster fibre-optic broadband packages are still restricted in availability to those areas where the telephone exchange and street cabinet have been upgraded to support fibre optic cables as far as the cabinet. This currently extends to around two-thirds of UK households, typically in cities and towns, so if you are up that hill in the Pennines, you might be out of luck. To find if you live in a fibre area, you can use our postcode checker.

What packages are available?

John Lewis Broadband offer three basic broadband packages:

  • John Lewis Standard Broadband - ADSL broadband at speeds of up to 16Mb with a 20GB download cap
  • John Lewis Unlimited Broadband - ADSL broadband at speeds of up to 16Mb with truly unlimited usage
  • John Lewis Fibre Broadband - fibre-optic broadband at speeds of up to 38Mb with a 100GB download cap

The speeds are advertised as ‘up to’ because a variety of factors can affect your download speed, as John Lewis Broadband openly acknowledge. These can include the wiring in your home, time of day (for example, the extra volume of users at peak times means a slower service than late at night) and the length of your copper telephone cabling to either the telephone exchange, in the case of ADSL, or the street cabinet, in the case of fibre. The further away you are in terms of line length, the slower your potential speed is likely to be. You can find out how far you are from your nearest telephone exchange with our postcode checker (we can currently only offer an estimate of likely fibre speed if you enter a BT line rental phone number, but John Lewis will be able to give you an accurate estimate before you sign up).

The 'Standard' and 'Fibre' John Lewis Broadband packages are also subject to traffic management, which limits the speeds of certain types of traffic at peak times to ensure that heavier uses of the Internet don't overwhelm others - such as limiting file sharing and gaming traffic at peak times. Limits on the Fibre package are considerably larger than on Standard, for example the peak time limit of 2.5Mb/s of YouTube traffic on Standard rises to 10Mb/s on Fibre, enough for two simultaneous HD streams. Traffic management can help to ensure a smoother service for you on average at peak times even if your speed may be slightly reduced.

However the 'Unlimited' John Lewis Broadband package is truly unlimited and has no traffic management limits on any type of traffic, meaning you'll never be slowed down artificially regardless of the type, volume or time of day of your Internet usage.

These packages all come with a home phone service and line rental - there are no standalone broadband options. The phone service comes with inclusive weekend & evening landline calls as standard, allowing you to call most UK landlines for free between 7pm and 7am during the week and anytime at the weekend, but this can be upgraded to inclusive anytime calls for an extra £5/month. For an extra £7/month, an anytime and international call package is available, offering inclusive calls to most UK landlines all week as well as 300 call minutes to top 20 international destinations, including US cellphones.

Which package should I choose?

Your primary concerns when choosing a package should be what speed you need, whether you can keep to a download cap, and whether the extra expense is worth it for you - there is never any point paying for more than you need.

For those who can receive it, the fibre option’s speeds of up to 38Mb can be tempting, but the ADSL broadband speeds are likely to be enough for the most users, assuming they're close enough to the telephone exchange to enjoy the full speed. Even if you only achieve half the advertised speed, this will still usually be enough for activities such as watching streaming video, downloading MP3s, using Skype, web browsing and e-mail. Where fibre may have an advantage is with those who do a lot of gaming, or heavy downloading, and thus require a faster connection. This can also be an issue for large households with many people sharing a connection - especially if these people are doing bandwidth-intensive activities. As a result, student flats and large families may also benefit from fibre broadband.

However as only John Lewis' ADSL service comes with a truly unlimited option, you may find that some types of heavy Internet use on Fibre are traffic managed down to under the full unmanaged linespeed you'd achieve with Unlimited. Be sure to check the traffic management policy before making your choice.

The download cap is also a pressing issue. The 20GB cap that standard broadband offers is fairly low, although it is more than enough for most single casual internet users who don’t do a lot of gaming, downloading or watching streaming video. Those who do will likely need a larger cap. This is especially the case where the connection is being shared, as it in practice divides the download cap between the various users of the shared broadband connection. So once more, heavy Internet users and homes where one connection is shared among many people will benefit from the truly unlimited usage, allowing everyone to download as much as they like without worrying about being charged extra or slowed down for going over.

Given that there is no unlimited fibre broadband option from John Lewis Broadband, you may find you need to prioritise between speed and capacity. However, a cap of 100GB is still a fairly large download cap and for smaller households, will suffice for all but the heaviest internet users.

Points to consider before you choose

  • How much do you value John Lewis' investment into quality UK-based customer and technical support?
  • Do you regularly use the Internet for bandwidth-heavy activities like gaming or downloading large files?
  • How many people will be using your broadband connection?
  • Is speed or capacity a greater priority for you?
  • Do you use your landline to make a lot of calls?
  • Are you likely to be impacted by the relatively harsh traffic management policies of 'Standard' and 'Fibre'?
  • Would the expense of the faster speed or larger download capacity be worth it for you?

Compare the three John Lewis Broadband deals in more detail

What do I get when I sign-up?

It's always good to know upfront what you'll get when signing up with an ISP so you know what you can enjoy for free, or to budget for any extras you may want.

  • Free wireless router - New customers with John Lewis Broadband get a free inclusive wireless router to help them manage their connections. ADSL broadband customers will receive a Technicolour TG582 router with wireless ‘N’ technology to give a better wi-fi signal in your home with less interference from other devices, as well as a firewall, wireless security, and 4 ethernet ports. Fibre broadband customers will instead receive a Netgear N150 WNR1000 router with wireless ‘N’ technology, a double firewall, wireless security, optional parental controls, and 5 ethernet ports.
  • Online security package - John Lewis Broadband offer a variety of online security options depending on your computer. PC users can download BullGuard, a PC security package with online backup protection, antivirus and antispyware tools, a firewall and a spam filter. Mac users can instead get Intengo software security products with 32% off their retail cost as a John Lewis Broadband customer.
  • Free home move - John Lewis Broadband offer one free home move per year, meaning that if you move house and your new phone line is suitable for broadband, you can move your broadband with you without any administrative fee.

What are the benefits of John Lewis Broadband?

The benefits offered by an ISP may be what seals the deal in your decision to buy a package from them.

  • Free UK-based customer service - Unlike some other ISPs, John Lewis Broadband’s UK-based customer service is freephone, and open 24/7, allowing you to always have someone available to help free of charge at any time of the day or night. There is also an online portal for those who would prefer to have their queries and issues answered in that format.
  • Equal pricing - For John Lewis Broadband offers customers the same prices no matter where in the UK they live. This stands in stark contrast to most low cost ISPs who offer different prices at different telephone exchanges, usually favouring urban and central exchanges at the expense of many rural customers.
  • No hidden costs - The John Lewis brand prides itself on being matter-of-fact and straightforward with its deals, and so what you see is what you pay - there are no hidden costs unlike with some other ISPs. This includes having no activation fees, giving you a free connection on existing phone lines.

What are the drawbacks of John Lewis Broadband?

Let's face it, not everything can be perfect, and even the best deals may have a downside.

  • Premium pricing - Even with its Standard broadband package, John Lewis Broadband is not among the cheaper ISPs out there. However, they balance this with their ‘no additional extras’ approach, presenting themselves as a reliable option for those with a little more money in their pockets, as also evidenced by their lack of a rolling one-month contract option, offering only simple convenient-to-many 12-month contracts.
  • No standalone broadband - All John Lewis Broadband packages include a home phone service and line rental. This is only really an issue for those who do not plan to use a landline or do not wish to change their existing phone provider, but they might reconsider given that John Lewis Broadband offer a variety of phone offers with their broadband, including free inclusive evening & weekend calls as standard.
  • Limited options - There's no faster up to 76Mb fibre option and no option for truly unlimited fibre. If you want a broadband service without limits on different types of broadband use, you have to take the lower speed ADSL Unlimited option, or shop elsewhere. Customers hoping for shorter contracts may also find themselves disappointed by the 12 month minimum contract length.