Fuel Broadband

Cut price broadband and phone for the cost conscious consumer, formerly known as Primus Saver

  • Low priced phoneline broadband services
  • Truly unlimited usage on all deals
  • Range of phone bundles to choose from
  • Free UK-based customer service

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Fuel Broadband Unlimited Broadband with Calls
Free for 6 months
£5.00 thereafter

Line rental £16.40

  • Free for 6 months!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • Free Amazon Fire TV Stick, watch streaming services on your TV
  • Free UK-based support
  • Evening and weekend calling
  • Free connection
  • 12 month contract

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Fuel Broadband Unlimited Broadband with Anytime Calls
£3.00 for 6 months
£8.00 thereafter

Line rental £16.40

  • 6 months better than half price!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • Free Amazon Fire TV Stick, watch streaming services on your TV
  • Free UK-based support
  • Anytime UK landline calls
  • Free connection
  • 12 month contract

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Reasons to choose Fuel

  • Affordable - one of the cheapest providers in the UK
  • Truly unlimited broadband - several truly unlimited options with no caps or traffic shaping
  • The UK's lowest priced monthly line rental - option to sign up for home phone alone and take standalone broadband from another provider
  • Cheap and inclusive calls - if you make heavy use of your landline for calls, Fuel may be a good value choice
  • Low price monthly line rental - Fuel offers cheaper line rental than BT and many others without having to pay for a year upfront
  • UK-based customer services - get support from a British call centre

Possible downsides

  • Not available outside of network areas - no higher priced option for customers outside of network areas, mainly affects those in rural and remote areas
  • No fibre packagages - Fuel are currently focusing on low cost unlimited copper phoneline broadband
  • Older wireless technology - While half of customers receive a 802.11n router, the rest receive the older g-rated technology with slower connection speeds and pooerer range
  • Long contracts - all deals have an 12 month minimum contract term
  • Limited extras - 'no frills' service with little more than a router provided
  • Budget provider - may proritise low price over other considerations

Features at a glance

  • Up to 16Mb download speeds

  • 12 month contracts

  • Truly unlimited usage allowances

  • Free connection, one-off charge for router delivery

  • Free UK-based technical support

  • Wireless router with all broadband deals, half of customers receive a 802.11n compatible model, delivery charge applies

  • Phone packages from evening and weekend calls to anytime calling

  • Line rental can be purchased standalone and paired with many other ISPs' broadband services

Details last checked on 2015-06-10

Customer Reviews

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving. Below are all the reviews we've received for Fuel Broadband.

Customer Ratings Summary

  • Satisfaction 3 Stars
  • Speed 2.5 Stars
  • Reliability 3 Stars
  • Customer Service 3 Stars

Based on 555 customer ratings since 2014-07-07

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Ratings are left by users of our speed test as well as by reviewers. Recent star ratings summarise the last 12 months of ratings or the last 100 placed, whichever is largest.

Reviewer Location Reviewing Date Ratings
Had great customer serive, average reliability but some pretty good speeds (higher than rated). THe price and friendly service keeps me subscribed each month and will continue to do so unless my reliability drops below what I consider average.
  • Satisfaction 4 Stars
  • Speed 5 Stars
  • Reliability 4 Stars
  • Customer Service 3 Stars
Jenny Winter North East London Fuel Broadband 2015-06-23  
I joined Fuel Broadband after moving in to a new build. I left fuel broadband after 3 months with no phone line and have now moved to BT. The most that fuel broadband would do is check their system for updates. I repeatedly asked them to phone openreach and find out what was happening and to file a complaint on my behalf (as consumers we can't contact openreach). They refused and fobbed me off with system updates. For the last month they told me that my case was in planning. I said what does that mean? They don't know.
One of the ladies at BT (my new provider) informed me that all service providers have the exact same abilities as bt with respect to contacting openreach. When I Phone BT now they keep me on hold while they talk to openreach and give me the answers I need there and then.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
Gavin Collison Fuel Broadband 2015-06-23  
No problesm to report after 1 month, customer service dont pester me for anything, my speeds are consitently good, I have had lag in a game once but that was fixed with a router restart. I pay less than I think the service is worth. I would be happy to recommend fuel to my friends if they needed internet.
  • Satisfaction 5 Stars
  • Speed 5 Stars
  • Reliability 5 Stars
  • Customer Service 5 Stars
Aaron Scunthorpe Fuel Broadband 2015-06-23  
Have been with Fuel for 4 months now, and for the money it is OK. Speeds can drop to kB speeds on Friday evenings, making streaming anything a problem, but during the day it is acceptable. My major issue is the telephone service. After a couple of months we needed to contact our French bank, and we discovered that International calls are barred under the Fuel Terms & Conditions.We can unblock the restriction after 3 months, or pay a £50 deposit to allow international calls which is OK, but we must list ALL COUNTRIES WE MAY WISH TO TELEPHONE! We are annoyed that this was not mentioned anywhere visible on the Fuel website before we signed up. We now have to wait for Customer Service to do their bit, which could take days. Beware this condition if you might need to call anyone outside of the UK.
  • Satisfaction 3 Stars
  • Speed 4 Stars
  • Reliability 2 Stars
  • Customer Service 3 Stars
Martin Dorset Fuel Broadband 2015-06-20  
Was not impressed. Worked for a couple of months then constant problem. Phoned customer service and the fault team and had no help at all.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
Bert Wales Fuel Broadband 2015-06-20  
Not very happy with service. Internet constantly dropping out phone service ok but had a problem with the phone some months ago. Blame put on to bt and after being phoneless and no internet for close to a week no compensation was given.
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
wgh1 swadlincote Fuel Broadband 2015-06-19  
service is un discribable and awful i join in january they put half order threw and took them tell march to get up and running then line was crackly and wouldnt make in or out going call there web page said 68 pound 2 cancil contract of 12 monthall ready had if working from january but they say from march to march why should coustomber pay for there cock upits not my responceability if cant provide service while i had family in hospital and needed to contact family in u.s.a and all they can say is sorry that dont fix if family member had died
  • Satisfaction 2 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
mchugh gorleston Fuel Broadband 2015-06-19  
The speeds have been a bit slow in my area due to it being a large street.... i think? Anyway, the reliability has always been pretty good, knocked off a star for speed variation. On a more positive note, the customer service has been very good to me, they gave me some good info about my installation and provided me with everything I needed to make y installation run smooth. Also when I rang about slow speeds, they sounded genuinely caring and said they would do their best to find and fix the problem. Im just hoping it isnt because there are so many people in my area with fuel which is why it would slow it as they cant fix that unless they upgrade I guess.
  • Satisfaction 4 Stars
  • Speed 5 Stars
  • Reliability 3 Stars
  • Customer Service 4 Stars
Grace London Fuel Broadband 2015-06-18  

Appalling internet service from this company, called and emailed multiple times, endless drop outs of internet connection and slow speed. My son cant use Play Station properly due to the poor internet service that Fuel Broadband provide us. In addition a technical member from Fuel Broadband changed our password on our router without telling us.

Fuel Broadband / New Call Telecom threaten by stating numerous times I cant end my contract without penalty fees even though the stress and hassle of their appalling internet service they provide and has never been resolved has caused eczema upon my face. AVOID THIS COMPANY
Clare Surrey Fuel Broadband 2015-06-18  
Due to an issue with my address registry (not fuel broadband service fault) I still have no broadband after six weeks and the open reach engineer attending yesterday to be turned away due to my landlord and access issues (again not fuel broadband a fault) I still have no internet from when I originally signed up to it. My disappointment is with their customer service (which apart from one member of staff is non - existent). I'm being told through no fault of my own that I may be charge for a second open research attendance!???
I'm wondering how long it will be until this is up and running....?
***Not a good experience***
  • Satisfaction 1 Stars
  • Speed 1 Stars
  • Reliability 1 Stars
  • Customer Service 1 Stars
M.Sim Eastbourne Fuel Broadband 2015-06-17  



Six months half price unlimited broadband from Primus Saver

Posted on 2013-05-10 17:25 in Offers Fuel

Primus Saver are offering six months half price on their Unlimited broadband and phone package.

Primus Saver Phone & Broadband Unlimited - £2 a month for the first 6 months

Line rental is required at £14.50 a month, or pay £120 for a year up front, making a saving of £54. Offer ends 30th of June.


Fuel Broadband Buyers Guide

Can I get Fuel?

Rather than placing their own equipment in telephone exchanges, Fuel resells the network of TalkTalk, which has the most exchanges covered of any provider.

If your telephone exchange doesn't have TalkTalk equipment installed, you will be unable to sign up for a Fuel standard broadband service as there's no provision for 'out of area' customers.

You can find out if you can get Fuel Broadband where you live with our postcode checker.

What packages are available?

Fuel offer two ADSL broadband packages:

  • Fuel Unlimited Broadband with Calls - truly unlimited with evening and weekend calls to UK landlines
  • Fuel Unlimited Broadband with Anytime Calls - truly unlimited with anytime calls to UK landlines

These packages all offer the headline speed of up to 16Mb, although the speed available to you will vary based on various factors such as the wiring in your home, the time of day (speeds will be slower at peak times like evenings when lots of people are online), and the distance from your nearest BT telephone exchange, with speeds decreasing the further away you are. You can find out how close you are to your nearest exchange by using our postcode checker.

The key difference between these packages is the degree to which inclusive calling is included. The inclusive evenings and weekends calls phone package allows you to make calls to most UK numbers anytime during weekday evenings and nights, or the weekend. The anytime calls package gives you free inclusive calls to most UK numbers at any time of the week.

Which package should I choose?

If you're interested in a budget provider like Fuel, it's likely that cost effectiveness and value for money are important factors to you.

All Fuel packages offer the same truly unlimited broadband usage allowance and free connection so your decision needs to be based on how much you make use of your landline. Choosing between the two inclusive calls options depends on what time of day you make your landline calls.

Points to consider before you choose

  • Is low price the most important factor for you?
  • How often do you use your landline to make call and at what times of day?
  • Can you live with slower ADSL speeds or do you need to go elsewhere for a fibre service?

Compare all Fuel deals

What do I get when I sign-up?

It's always good to know upfront what you'll get when signing up with an ISP so you know what you can enjoy for free, or to budget for any extras you may want.

  • Free wireless router - Fuel Broadband customers receive a free wireless router when they sign up to help manage their connection. Which router you get depends cannot be predicted, only half receive N-rated routers with better speed and range. It is worth noting however that while the router is free, you do still need to pay for delivery, though this is a one-off cost.
  • Free connection - Fuel offer free installations on their Unlimited and Fibre deals (though only one per account), and all deals have no activation cost, saving on some of the ‘hidden costs’ that ISPs can surprise you with.

What are the benefits of Fuel?

The benefits offered by an ISP may be what seals the deal in your decision to buy a package from them.

  • Cheap costs - Fuel’s main selling point is their low cost, and they are one of the cheaper providers on the market, offering broadband at budget rates. This is also reflected in the lack of extras, with the focus being on the broadband service itself.
  • Low cost line rental - As a major home phone provider, Fuel are able to offer cheap line rental in place of BT, and if you switch to them from another line rental provider, you can even usually keep your number.
  • Free UK-based technical support - Unlike some other providers, Fuel’s customer support is based in the UK, and free to Fuel’s customers, meaning that you don’t have to pay extra for help if things go wrong.

What are the drawbacks of Fuel?

Let's face it, not everything can be perfect, and even the best deals may have a downside.

  • No short contracts - Unlike some ISPs, Fuel do not offer short rolling contracts. Their deals come with 12 month contracts, which can be an issue for those who do not want the commitment of such a longer contract and need greater flexibility, such as those on short tenancies or students.
  • No fibre products - Fuel currentluy only offer unlimited copper phoneline broadband. If you are a heavy user and must have fibre then you'll find yourself out of luck with Fuel for the moment. However, they plan to add Fibre products soon.
  • Few extras - Fuel offer relatively few extras with their broadband packages in comparison to many other providers. However, they are a budget provider and so the lack of extras allows for a lower cost on the core broadband (and phone) service.
  • No guarantee of N-rated wireless - While half of customers receive a 802.11n router, the rest receive the older g-rated technology with slower connection speeds and pooerer range. There's currently no way to predict which option you'll receive although this may change in the last quarter of 2014.
  • Higher congestion - Budget prices are usually achieved by 'cutting corners' which in broadband terms means buying limited capacity on another providers network and stretching this to serve as many customers as possible. Anecdotally, this means that budget broadband is more likely to slow down at peak times. This is supported by Fuel's headline speed (as of mid-2012) being only up to 13Mb, notably lower than other ADSL-based providers. The ASA requires that headline speeds must be consistently achievable by 10% of customers.
  • Limited information - Unlike most broadband providers, there's very little firm information about things like telephone support opening hours, traffic management policies and typical ADSL speeds on Fuel's website. We would usually recommend that customers research these before signing up to a provider.
  • Complaint levels - Although Fuel is a relatively small provider and too small to be included in Ofcom's reports on broadband complaint levels, our broadband expert service receives an unusually large number of requests for help with Fuel products. You can check our customer reviews of Fuel Broadband (formerly known as Primus) for a typical selection of problems.